Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Peachy?


It has been almost four months since we arrived at  Monck Park ..hard to believe how fast the time is going by..


Since we have been here, we have taken a few road trips but most of the time the furthest we go is the city of Kamloops..other than our road trips to Kelowna we have pretty much  stayed ‘local’..


We go into the town of Merritt once a week or so for our groceries and that is about the ‘gist’ of our travelling..

So today, being our day off we both felt the need to ‘get out of the park’ was time to go ‘home’ for the day…


Home to Keremeos that is..


On route to Keremeos, just before the town of Hedley is a little shop called ‘Doug’s Homestead’..they have the best pepperoni and beef jerky, so worth stopping for if you are ever in the neighbourhood!

Purchase some pepperoni and play the ‘game’..they put one stick of pepperoni on the scale..guess what the total cost to the penny   will be when they add the rest and if you are right you ‘win your purchase’..

We were way off but the next customer came within 8 cents..close but no free pepperoni for them!


Only about 2 hours from our favourite little town..the Fruit Stand Capital of North America..


..our first stop was, of course, Doug’s brother’s home..


It’s in full bloom with fruit on the trees..


Doug dropped Tucker and I off to visit with Karen while he went about ten minutes down the highway to visit his brother at work..

Tucker and the ‘ doggy cousins’ don’t get along too well so our golden boy had to be locked in the kennel while we went in the house..

He was none too pleased..but it was short lived..

Once Doug returned it was time to move on to local RV Park..

My parents are parked here for the summer..


..its been a long time since we have been on ‘grass’..nice soft green grass!!

IMG_0069 under your feet and the golden paws!!

It was nice to see my parents again..last week we had such a short visit so it was great to see them for the afternoon!!

We made a stop at a local fruit stand…’s the one with all the old farm equipment out front!..

We bought some cherries and apples..said hello to the owner, Quinton..and we were on our way..but not before another stop at Ron and Karen’s to get our mail and drop off a few items for storage in their garage..

And they gave us some peaches to take back home!


..nice and fuzzy and fresh picked this morning!

We headed home just after 5:30..stopping in Princeton for a quick dinner..what was suppose to be a quiet picnic on the banks of the river..


turned into.. the fries in the dirt because of the wind..and an annoying wasp in Doug’s chocolate shake!


Cost for our 376 kilometer  ‘day trip’..

pepperoni and beef jerky..$20

gas………..$1.27 a liter


seeing family?..Priceless

and so ends a ‘peachy day’…


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day away! Thanks for sharing the fruit and pepperoni...yum!!

  2. As nice as Monck Park sounds, glad you were able to escape for the day!

  3. At least you didn't have to guess for the peaches... :cD

  4. After about 2 weeks, we usually pull up stakes and move...But you have such a beautiful place to stay!! Fresh fruit sounds yummy..We are just getting ripe sweet corn down here in the lower 48..YES!!

  5. A priceless day for sure - we know how nice it is to get a change of scenery. Super jealous - love Keremeos where we once lived also - and Princeton too!. Parsons fruit stand is the best. So nice that all the fruit is out - we just got our load from the Vernon farmers market.

  6. I am so glad you got to visit family and fun spots on your day off! Hmmm, I can taste those peaches looking at the photo! Nice to get out of the routine to change up the picture!


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