Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Doe a deer?


..a female deer…


Our ‘deer family’ came for another visit early Friday  morning..


..so cute..I love the white spots!!

Since our ‘compound gang’ have all been working opposite  shifts and our schedules don’t co-ordinate very well..as in there is not that many evenings that we can enjoy a ‘happy hour or two’..

So on Friday morning we decided we would have an impromptu  ‘morning happy hour’..


Steve and Dianne stopped by for  ‘glug’ of ‘Bailey’s to go with their coffee..and we sat out in the sunshine enjoying our ‘early morning happy hour’..


It was a great way to start the ‘work week’..yes we are on afternoon shift for the long weekend..


We can’t  believe that it is already August..the BC Day long weekend is in full swing..the park is full to the brim..and most are behaving but there is always one or two that give us some grief…be it the

  • ‘reservation switcher’s..
  • the extra vehicles that don’t want to pay the $11.50
  • the noisy teenagers
  • the campers  who figure they can have a real campfire??..those campers were met with a bucket of water doused on the flames!
  • the ones who use those ‘tiki torches’..no open flames sir!
  • and then the ‘kicker’ was the campers who left their dog at the campsite tied up in 34 degree weather..poor thing barked all afternoon!

Doug even used his ‘newly learned’ first aide skills..a sliver removal, and a skinned knee needed some attention on Saturday night..

There was even a ‘bee sting’ that turned into a visit to the local hospital…a bite of an apple and a sting on the tongue resulted in a trip to the emergency room..

The campsites are packed in like ‘sardines’!

This is a double site with four vehicles and four rv’s!..very creative parking job!IMG_0200

..even the day use is busy!!



..the ‘deer family’ came down for a ‘picnic’ too..


It’s not all fun and games for us just because we are living in a RV..there are still chores to do..

  • dishes
  • laundry
  • toilet
  • windows
  • bed making

..and the dreaded vacuuming..the poor kitty tries to find a  place to hide from the dreaded ‘yellow fur sucking beast’..


usually he hides beside the bed in one of the storage boxes..but today he thought being ‘up high’ would save him?


Tucker just hides in the ‘water’ when the vacuum comes out..



..so as the moon rises over the campground we know that most of the BC Day weekend campers will be heading home tomorrow..just to make room for the next ‘rush’!



  1. Every time I see a Golden, I think of Tucker.

  2. The babies really are cute with all their spots. It's really hard to vacuum at our house because Scooter attacks the vacuum and Skittlez tries to climb up my leg and into my arms.

  3. Great hearing your take on the week...well done! And Love our little deer family!

  4. Wow, you certainly are earning your keep! No wonder you started your day with a morning Happy Hour... :c)

  5. Its surprising how tame the deer there are....Last June during an early morning exercise walk,I stood within 10 feet of a young doe,softly talking to it.
    This was just at the first site in from the gate house.....Then the next morning it happened again,but she stood further away this time.


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