Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rinse and repeat?


Sitting here at Monck Park since the end of March, surrounded by the beauty of the park..


It feels as though I am just repeating myself week in and week out..


It seems like we have taken pictures from every vantage all different kinds of weather..


…you have all seen where we live and what we do day in and day out..

It can be difficult to make a post interesting?

..there is always a picture of the  stinky garbage bins?


..campers sure do create a ton of garbage?

..or there is the worn out broom?


..this beauty is ‘well used’ has swept many a bathroom floor and under just a few hundred picnic tables..

We drove to city of Kamloops again..under a blanket of cloud..


..the truck got an oil change..


..we even had sushi for lunch..something we haven’t had since February..


during one of our many walks with Tucker, we spotted a deer skeleton hanging in a tree?IMG_0240

..not to worry..our favourite Deer Mom..was spotted resting in the grass..


…this weekend the park was full to capacity..and we even had 9 campers parked in the overflow..


..we even had a visit with a someone I use to work with at hospital..she was camping here with her family…it was nice to catch up and hear about all the trials and tribulations of life at RCH..I took her picture with her husband but she made me promise not to share it on line..

So I will respect her wishes…she is one of the few that doesn’t do ‘facebook..twitter or instagram..Kudos to you ‘LB’

Life without the social media?..may have to give that a try..things sure would be simpler!!

..and think of the money we would save on ‘data’!

How long could I last? hour?..a day?..a week? or maybe a month?

IMG_0228 there you have it..’somethin outta nothin’..or so it seems?


  1. I feel your pain Sue.... our lives are a bit repetitive at the moment aren't they?! We are very full here too with campers in the overflow every night. The height of camping season. I'm looking forward to taking pictures of all of our poplar and trembling aspen trees in yellow..... that will be something different!

  2. Yes, life is rather repetitive these days, isn't it? Oh well, it's all good. Before we know it,summer will be over and we'll all be on to new adventures! :)

  3. I know how you feel, Sue, it is hard to write a blog when the same things are happening, but you do a great job of it!
    We are back from picking up our Escape 21, wish we could have visited you at Monck, but time was of the essence getting back with 3 Octogenerian parents in skilled nursing care! Hugs for a job well done! Kathy

  4. I understand the thought about trying to conceive a fresh blog from the same spot...and keeping it interesting.

    You two have certainly settled right in at Monk though.

  5. I feel you blogging rut pain, sista..I have also thought of giving up on blogging. I just can't seem to come up with anything interesting...and also am having trouble finding the time to even try!


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