Friday, August 21, 2015

One More lake?


As we have been working pretty much full time since mid April..on our days off, we often try to venture out and explore somewhere that we have never been before..


This week the schedule was revamped and we only have one day off together so we made the most of it..


We packed a picnic lunch and we headed towards a park we have yet to visit..Roche Lake Provincial Park..

Fullscreen capture 12-Aug-2015 201541..about an hour and a bit from Monck Park....twelve kilometers of well-serviced gravel road..we only had to pull over once to let a logging truck pass us..



..there is a resort at the end of the gravel road..


but we decided to turn around and head back to the provincial park area..IMG_0286we found a spot on the shore of the lake..IMG_0285..and set up the chairs..IMG_0288and of course, Tucker was in the lake surprise there..

His ever growing list of bodies of water he has dipped his paws in is getting longer and longer..Roche Lake is now added to ‘his collection’

IMG_0301..his ring is never far..IMG_0290..there are some campsites along the lake too.IMG_0300..and some with a view of the lake..

IMG_0307IMG_0304IMG_0305..Doug, of course, wished that he had brought his fishing gear with we watched the fish jumping!IMG_0291Tucker kept us entertained, per usual..IMG_0302his usual antics..swimming back and forth and chasing the jumping fish!

..a nice way to spend an afternoon..

IMG_0317..and for least there was a ‘bathroom’..a pre requisite for these kinds of day trips!


..a ‘tired dawg is a happy dawg’!


..thanks for riding along with us today..hope you enjoyed the tour of Roche Lake!


  1. A very nice day away from your work lake to another lake seemed fitting. And I do hear from friends who fish there that Roche is a gem.

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  3. Nice lake, may have to investigate next spring.

  4. Looks like a great spot...and a lovely way to spend a day off!

  5. Tucker enjoys himself when you visit lakes! Roche Lake Provincial Park looks very nice. Good thing you get a day off together ONCE in a while! ;-)

  6. You can never spend to much time near or on the water:)

  7. Glad to see you all got away for a day to relax and rest up, except for Tucker!
    He was chasing the jumpin' fish?! I bet Doug wished he had his fishing gear!!
    Hope the smoke isn't bothering you at Monck Provincial Park!
    We got away fro 4 days down in Cape Blanco State Park in our new little Escape 21.
    Happy Anniversary!


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