Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Using our ‘senses’


There are many different sights, sounds and smells of life at Monck…

Of course one of the smells that is conducive of camping is a ‘campfire’..not something we  have smelt in a while..sure we have had the smell of forest fire smoke but that is about as close as we have gotten..


..then there is the smell of suntan lotion..those campers that come into the gatehouse on a warm day and leave the lingering odour of ‘coconut lotion’..makes me miss the beach..


or the smell of the fresh baked peanut butter cookies that we all received from a US camper who had some ‘transmission trouble’..


there is  the sounds of clanging bottles and cans as Doug works on sorting the recycling..

IMG_0254..never mind the music playing in the background( sounded like a country bar) to drown out the sound of swarming wasps!IMG_0255a productive  way to spend your Sunday off, Doug….

IMG_0256….the smiles of  a favourite camper couple  as they head home is  a beautiful sight!..see you next time Ken and Julie!!..

be sure to bring a wasp trap and an epi pen next summer!!IMG_0253

..nothing like a walk down at the lake just before the sun goes down..IMG_0261

..Tucker, of course is always game for sunset swim?



..a camper has a ‘power and water’ site?…IMG_0258

..that was a question I got today…How much for site #19..the one with power and water?..had to see this for myself? ‘faux power post?’

..a  visitor on the beach kept Doug company, this morning..a heron sighting..


....and then on Tuesday afternoon Doug was doing his garbage run and a camper came and told him that there was a ‘bear’..only about 20 feet from their campsite!

the ‘bear is back’..not the same one as last month..but a ‘bear’ in the park again isn’t a good thing!


Doug and Steve chased him out of the park…one can only hope he gets the hint…the bear signs are back up yet again!! quick trip into Merritt for a few was ‘date night’…we stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner..we started with Spicy Thai Chicken strips..


we needed a ‘fire extinguisher’ after we were done..

..and then it was ‘shrimp tacos’shrimp tacos

and Lasagna..lasagna

on the way back to the park we stopped at the last look out before the park boundary…


…took a few  pictures of the view from this vantage point and then I noticed these hiking boots on a stump..but do you notice the ‘photo bomb?’…IMG_0273

I didn’t notice ‘it’ in this one but a ‘zoom in shot’..and there it is..IMG_0272

a ‘Mother Nature’ photo bomb?..makes ‘sense’ to me?


  1. It is always good to hear about the variety of experiences that you and Doug have encountered at Monck Park this summer. Sorry about the lack of campfires!

  2. I hadn't heard about the 'faux power post'...too funny!

  3. Whoa, that is way too close to a bear for me. I prefer to see them in the zoo... ;c)

  4. You kids are having waaaay too much fun!! Looks like you have a great "gig" there at Monck Park..Enjoy..I'm jealous!

  5. The Monk experiences are nice to read about. Your time is coming to a close, I would imagine, and your new travel plans will come into play.


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