Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The green green grass of home?

September 13-15 2015

Time to head towards ‘home’..


We were packed up and hooked up before 8am..


The only ones out on the road were the ‘cows’..


..within about a half hour we were at the sani-dump in Logan Lake…no one here but us..IMG_0706

..with a quick dump and a donation to the city of Logan Lake , we were on our way..


..beginning to look a lot like Fall..our favourite time of year..


..we were in Princeton just after 1030..time for quick bite to eat..and then it was the last leg of our journey towards Keremeos..


..backed into our newly ‘gravelled spot’..sure will be nice not to be parked in a ‘mud pit’ when the rain comes!IMG_0712

..the green green grass of ‘home’..


..being parked on the ‘farm’ of Ron and Karen..there are always chores to it ‘horse poop’ to pick up or ‘rotten pears’…


..we are always ‘game to earn our keep’..there are many jobs to be done…’pink or blue’ doesn’t really matter..we just help out!


….we are allowed to leave the ‘confines of the farm’..once in a while..


Today the ‘boys’ had an appointment at the vet in Penticton..IMG_0727

..’Po’ went first..weight 13 pounds, temperature..rabies shot..and the other annual shots..and one heartworm pill..and he was done..


..and then it was the ‘big boy’s turn’…he weighed in at 84 pounds, three pounds less than two years ago..but the vet said he should lose a few pounds, since he is a ‘senior’ now..


Poor Tucker..good thing ‘Auntie Dianne’ is gone for a few months..a ‘lack of cookie diet’ is in his future..


He got his temperature taken too, his annual distemper/parvo rabies..not due till next year and he also received his bordotella (kennel cough)..The vet tried the syringe in the mouth first but he wanted no part of he got the injection instead.. quick nail trim and we were done..

our bank account is  down  a couple $100 but worth it knowing that our boys are healthy and looked after..


…now that my blog is caught up we can sit back and relax for a few days once the chores are done..

stay tuned for more…



  1. Your "old" home spot is so lovely. Enjoy the fun down on the farm.

  2. It's just as important that humans and animals get checkups. It's a good feeling when you get a good report.

  3. That looks like a beautiful spot--orchards??

  4. Glad the "kids" had a good check up, money well spent. :c)

  5. Poor Tucker...I feel for ya buddie! Good thing your 'Cookie Auntie' isn't around right now!

    Ron and Karen have a lovely spot...enjoy your time there!

  6. Tucker looks like he is loving his new to him home, even if it is just for a short while. It's always nice to know that they are good and healthy.

  7. It's always good for me when we move on down the road..We once stayed 2 months at a place in Arizona, but that was long enough...Love your new diggs!

  8. How nice of them to put fresh gravel in your site, to keep you out of the mud!
    Beautiful farm, a nice place to call home. Enjoy!


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