Wednesday, October 14, 2015

‘Cruisin’ along?


October 8-14, 2015

sunrise 3

We are perched high on the hill above Skaha Lake..



with a perfect view of the water..


the wind has been ‘relentless’ for the last few days..


with gusts of 29 kilometers an hour..IMG_1088

..there have been moments where if we look out the back window at a certain angle it looks like we are on the ocean..

IMG_1083 endless seascape and then with the wind, we are ‘rockin and rollin’..


We wonder when we are going to get to ‘land?’


Tucker, of course is enjoying this new ‘compound’ life…and the freedom to run on the Kettle Valley Trail that borders Skaha Lake..

IMG_1086 the end of the lake is the Penticton Airport so we are in direct ‘flight line’…


Today we learned that the airport does helicopter training..


..with gusts of winds and mountains on both sides, the pilots were practising getting the bucket into the lake..


..they must have ‘nerves of steel’ to be riding around with the ‘door open’ too!


para-sailor’s enjoying the wind too!!


Are there some downsides to living in a ‘small space?’ Not really except for one small dilemma?



That would be ‘our big boy’ you all know he loves to swim..water is his ‘best friend’ but along with his love of the water comes one ‘small issue’


No, it’s not the wet dog smell, we can deal with that..

Seems that the worst thing about having a dog that loves to swim on a daily basis is the ‘odor’ that permeates from his pores when he has ‘swam too much’..


The only way I can  describe the ‘stench’ is to think of a combination of  ‘stinky cheese’ and ‘rotten feet’ and that would be our ‘boy’..the ‘Stink-meister’..

We have been told that is a normal ‘issue’ that comes from the oil in the dog’s skin not having enough time   to ‘rebuild’ because they spend so much time in the water..

So we searched on line for a proper ‘self dog washing’ place in luck..

The closest one was in West Kelowna, so we made the 40 minute trek to get Tucker ‘de-stink-ti-fied..


..thank you Bosley’s for having a ‘dog washing station’..


..”the shame of it all..really Momma, do you need to take a picture of me?”


..the best $10 we ever spent..

Thanksgiving Sunday was a beautiful ‘blue day’ water..


..there was no ‘Turkey dinner’ but  I did make a ‘chicken’ in the crockpot….


with all the ‘fixin’s’..not quite the same as Turkey but it filled the ‘void’..

..there was a ‘blue chore’ that needed doing..Flush the Hot Water Tank..


We went for a drive to Osoyoos on Monday to visit with our friends, Brenda and Ken


..they were heading home to Nelson from visiting family in we made a plan to meet with them at the Tim Hortons..


..nice to see their familiar faces and catch up for a short time..

IMG_1138 safe, dear friends..see you again soon!!

Our final full day  at Wright’s Beach Rv Camp was yet another perfect day..


..we will miss this view..


and the ‘wild horses’ that come for breakfast?


..and then return for ‘happy hour?’2015_10_142

..but it’s time to ‘move on’ to our winter home-base....


..only 60 kilometers to go before we ‘settle in’ for a ‘long winter’s nap?’


  1. We had a Black Lab, and when she got wet, she was a bit of a "stinkpot" too. Love your new diggs...Beautiful spot....The only draw back with a view like that is that you become a "wind target"...Speaking of Thanksgiving, we put Turkey wings and legs in the crockpot..mashed taters, gravy and pumpkin pie...We are rarely home here for Thanksgiving, usually somewhere on the road in our Hiker.

  2. You guys have sure been to some nice places since we departed Tunkwa. Glad to see you finally got around to servicing your H/W tank Doug. It's amazing what comes out of there...looks like Monck water :-) Had my first day in shorts yesterday...87F as we passed through Boise ID.

  3. That is a dilemma: how to bathe a wet dog?! Raider, our first golden rescue and full time RV dog, was absolutely phobic when it came to water. Bath time was challenging! I would toss a Beggin' Strip into the shower and the goofy guy would bound in after it EVERY TIME!! A little hard on the back but he got his shower every 2 months. (Shower nozzle was on a hose so that I could rinse him well.) But I think Bosley's has the answer, especially for $10! Looking good Tucker!! Happy Trails!


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