Sunday, October 4, 2015

Staying put?

October 1-3, 2015

We made the decision yesterday to ‘stay put’ through the weekend..

The first day of October and it was a ‘beauty’! ..sun and more sun..IMG_0912A walk on the beach..


..a swim for the ‘golden child’..


we sat on a log and enjoyed the view..IMG_0907IMG_0909Tucker had fun..doing what he attempt at an ‘inukshuk?’


..just a quiet day..we will need to get use to this?..

We are going through an adjustment phase, trying to keep ourselves busy and trying  not to feel guilty for having a ‘do nothing day’..

Friday morning we headed into search of a replacement seal for the bottom of the shower door and some propane..two empties to be filled!

IMG_0918 you can see the clouds have rolled in but there was no rain till the late afternoon..

We stopped at Predator Ridge, a new development located just above the park..It reminded us both of Bear Mountain on Vancouver Island..


It looks like a fairly new high end residential area built around a golf course..


..some lovely homes with great views!

Saturday we had our normal  weather back!

IMG_0930 was one of those perfect fall days..warm sunshine and blue sky!

We went for another hike..


our weekend selfie’s..


Tucker was very uncooperative?..he does not understand this ‘selfie concept?’IMG_0927


..that seemed to work better..


I guess he doesn’t like to share the limelight?


..another bench on our hike, with  a different view!

Six days at Kekuli Bay Provincial Park done..This park  is most certainly on the top of our list for a return visit!


Tomorrow the Cougar will be rollin’..


  1. Don't feel guilty!
    You've earned the right to just relax when you want.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. No need to feel guilty about a day of doing nothing. It's just what you need.

  3. Well if you have to pick a place to do nothing, that would be the place. Very pretty indeed.

  4. Don't feel guilty--it's the time in your lives for a "do nothing day!" Or lots of "do nothing days!!"

  5. Tucker just doesn't like selfies but he does look good in the other photos.

  6. Gotta love that Tucker boy. He definitely knows how to play to the camera when nobody else is crowding into his picture. lol

  7. Pretty nice place to spend a few more days:)

  8. How do you keep your camper so clean with Tucker swimming almost every day?? When we had a Black Lab, and she went swimming, she would come inside and shake all over the

  9. 'Do nothing days' are the reward you deserve following a lifetime of work.


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