Monday, October 19, 2015

The ‘final leg’..

October 15-19, 2015

Our last ‘travel day’ of our fall trip..


..a morning sky filled with  jet streams over Skaha Lake..


We have one ‘last leg’ before we settle in for ‘winter’..


Doesn’t matter how far we have to travel..the preparation is the same..

Everything stowed away..hooked up, light check ,brake check..

We are good to go..


..we had us a ‘convoy’..not with anyone we knew though..


Destination Nk’mip Campground and Rv Park in Osoyoos..


..a snowbird haven for 180 rv’ers..the park is full for the winter..

IMG_1180 least we won’t be alone?


..We arrived just after 11:00 ..check in not till 1:00?..

..oh what..

We were told no long as your site is empty you can go ahead..

We paid our first month’s rent..and we were on our way to C-44..


Now normally, backing into a site is not  usually an issue but it seems that this time round it took us a bit….

We have an overly friendly neighbour who ‘messed’ with our the time we got parked and unhooked..


We are ‘crooked’..Doug is not happy..

So the next morning we hooked up again and ‘fixed it’ we are parallel to the cement..

We have been busy getting organized for ‘winter’..heated water hose, insulation etc..

The temperatures have been about 18 Celsius  during the day and about 5 Celsius over night so we know we have a bit of time still..

Hard to believe it has been more than a month since we left Monck Park..

Fullscreen capture 09-Oct-2015 202445

684 kilometers we travelled in the last six weeks..sure it’s not far..but far enough for now..

Tonight as I writing this ‘entry’ we are waiting on our daughter and her boyfriend to arrive from the coast..stay tuned for more…

Carlie and Adam arrived very late on Saturday night..they are staying at the Spirit Ridge Hotel located just on the hill above the campground..

They came by in the morning for a breakfast of French Toast and sausages..we ate outside at the picnic table but as per usual the ‘wasps’ made their presence known..

Our afternoon was filled with visiting a few wineries along the ‘golden mile’..Doug was a good sport and was the designated driver as we tasted our way through a few glasses of wine..

First stop was Hester Creek..

2015_10_18 tasting here..we just looked around..and took a few photos..

Next stop was the Burrowing Owl..




Carlie and Adam were ‘good sports’ and let me ‘take their pictures a few times..

Black Hills was the next stop..


..and then Jackson Triggs..

and no wine tasting tour is complete on the Golden Mile with out a visit for ice cream at Tickleberry’s in Okanagan Falls..


….We all enjoyed our ice cream..never a disappointment..


..the evening ended with Hamburger Soup and Chocolate Cake for ‘our birthday girl’..


..Monday morning it was time for the two of them to head on home..they came by for lunch..and then it was time to say so long…

We were all a bit distracted this morning as  Tucker has not been feeling all that well for the last two first we thought he had hurt his back leg?..he was not his usual rambunctious self….then he had some ‘bowel issues’..

did he hurt himself?..did he eat something..Sometimes ‘google’ can be a bad thing..we were both scared that there was something serious going on..


this was as far as he would go in the trailer..

We made a trip to the vet in Penticton this afternoon and we were told he had some kind of gastro-intestinal problem..never mind the fact that he seemed fine once we got there…we were both relieved..$65 poorer but the ‘piece of mind’ is worth it..

So there you have our ‘first  four days’..stay tuned for more from Nk’mip..


  1. Congrats on a successful journey. We loved Osoyoos, camping in the city park campground there on our way to Alaska. Great kayaking and a great place. I can see why folks would stay all winter, the BC desert is right there!

  2. Sounds like y'all are off to a good start. What fun it is to spend time with family. We really enjoy visiting wineries also.
    Glad there is nothing seriously wrong with Tucker.

  3. Nice spot to spend the winter, glad you got to share Carlie's Birthday that cake looked really good. Poor Tucker, it sure is scary when our dogs get sick.

  4. Glad you are all settled in. Not perfectly parallel to the cement? Kinda like us with the fence at Monck? Too funny! At least you were able to 'fix it'! lol
    Looks like you had a great time with Carlie and Adam! Happy Birthday, Carlie!
    Oh...and poor Tucker! So scary...glad he's better now!

  5. Glad to hear that Tucker is on the mend! Enjoy your time in Osoyoos.

  6. Poor Tucker. Sure glad you know what's wrong now and he can start feeling better. What kind of temperatures are you going to have this winter - any idea? Have a great time.

  7. Why is it that people "help" you, don't really help you?

  8. All set up in a very pretty place! Osoyoos is a lovely place and should suit you well for the winter. And those wineries you cavorted are some of those we like; with Nota Bene being our favourite from the Black Hills vintners.

    And how nice to have your daughter and her guy out for a visit. We hope Tucker is feeling well.

  9. Poor Tucker..he looks so pathetic lying like that..Hope he is on the mend. Your daughter looks so much like you...Wonderful to have the kids visit and see how fun that lifestyle can be..

  10. Don't you hate "helpful neighbors" ?! Very distracting, especially if there are several of them!! So nice that Carlie & Adam got to visit you! Poor Tucker, we hope he's on the mend today!! Lots of fun things to do there this winter! Thanks for the pics of Osoyoos!
    Hope you will still be there next June when we come up for the Escape Rally!


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