Sunday, October 4, 2015

The other side of the fence?

September 30, 2015

We have been parked at Kekuli Bay since Monday, paying $32 a night, yes we have a gorgeous view and a nice campsite to call home for now..


The cell service leaves a bit to be desired would think that since we are only about a mile from the highway that we would have ‘smoking hot’ cell service but that would be a ‘resounding NO’..

IMG_0898’s not a deal breaker for us though but we are on the look out for our next stop?


So we had a ‘road trip’ planned..heading to the small town of Lumby and another provincial park that we had camped at 34 years ago..


..the fall colours are just starting..38 kilometers to the park from Lumby..sure wouldn’t want to forget anything?


..a typical provincial park on the shore of Mabel Lake..


..getting a satellite signal would be a tad difficult since most of the sites are set in the trees and not too many are big rig friendly..


..the price here is only $23 a night but the distance doesn’t make it seem worth the drive to save the $9 a night..

We passed quite a few old barns and buildings..


..this one is for easy fixer upper, if we were in the market for one?..just needs a new roof?..maybe some window treatments..

This is an old school house..Hannah Proctor Elementary School..


..and then there was the Wilsey Dam..


a short walk up the stairs..


..lots of bear scat…so we were on guard for a bear sighting..


IMG_0887IMG_0888IMG_0889 as our day trip came to an end..we learned that the grass isn’t always greener..


..on the other side of the fence?


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  1. I really enjoy taking pictures of old barns, but pretty sure I do not want to own one:)


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