Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time to ‘roll’..

October 4-7, 2015

We have been sitting still just long enough..time to get a ‘move on’..

Our morning started early and within an hour or so we were ready to roll..


Our next stop is only about 60 kilometers away but we had two stops to make at the sani dump in Vernon..( yes we lasted six days with 2/3 of a tank of water and the holding tanks- not bad for newbies)..last stop was the grocery store and then we were on our way..

on the move..destinationn Fintry Provincial Park

We pulled into Fintry Provincial Park about 11:00..our friends, the Wood Clan are the managers here at this park..


We were offered the host site, full hook up, but we opted for a waterfront site..three more days of dry camping..

The view is amazing…

Fintry Provincial Park, Site number 1

the only down sides are  

  • that we are parked next to the lake and Tucker, of course, is wet all the time!
  • Doug can’t get a satellite signal..those darn trees are in the way?
  • nor can he seem to tune into a  country music radio station

but the good thing is the cell service and wifi is working great!..all the blogs I had saved are now posted…

IMG_0960 We are looking forward to our time here at Fintry and spending some time with our ‘hosts’..

our afternoon walk

Being parked in a provincial park, one needs to abide by the ‘gentle reminders’..

  • dogs on a leash?
  • generator hours?
  • quiet time?

Camping with dogs in the fall that first ‘reminder’ seems to be allowed to go by the wayside so Tucker runs ‘amuck’..

But the generator hours we abide by since we have neighbours..

So from 9-11 in the morning and then 6-8 at night we have our charging stations set up..


all the essentials: iphones, ipad, mifi and the laptops are all charging and ready to go for the day!

Today our plan for a hike was to climb the 400? steps to the top of the waterfall..

waterfall hike Fintry Provincial Park

..and someone even had the sense of humor to number a few..step 156..


number 350..almost there..


..and the final step..391..


..the view from the top was amazing!




..but what goes up must go down..seemed easier to go up than down?


We stopped in at Derrik and Teresa’s house for an afternoon visit..comparing ‘camper  stories’..doesn’t seem to matter which park you work at..each one has it’s challenges!


By 2:30 we were back home..time for a late lunch..


..and of course Tucker had plans for a swim?..and our little ‘houdini’ in the  green..he figured out how to escape the harness!!.no more outside adventures for him!


after lunch I wandered over the Manor House..

built in 1910-1911 by Captain Dun-Waters….a big piece of Fintry History..the house is on park grounds but is run by the ‘Friends of Fintry’

Fintry Manor

In 1924 the house caught fire and burned to the foundation..but it was immediately rebuilt..if only the ‘walls could talk’?

We rounded out our Monday with a campfire..

IMG_1028 more full day tomorrow..there will be more historic tours on Tuesday!

Walking in ‘circles?’..

a visit to the ‘Labyrinth’..


..follow the maze and it will take you on a half mile walk in a 60 foot circle.

We were also met with ‘bear scat’ on the trail to the Packing house..

’Fintry’s fruit was graded and packed in the front part of the building and the brick section, being cooler, was used to store the fruit. The fruit was stored here until it was picked up by the CPR sternwheelers.


In the 70’s the building was used as a night club and it still has great historic value..and it is the last standing packing house along Okanagan Lake.’


A walk along the trail took us to the lighthouse..


..a quick stop for our ‘Tuesday morning selfie’..and we were on our way again..bear scat and bear tracks..were aplenty!

IMG_1044 last stop at the ‘Sun Dial’..


..a quiet afternoon sitting by our Campfire in a Can..


..and a few games of Crib..which I lost by the way..


So as our time here at Fintry  Provincial Park, winds down we are looking forward to our next ‘travel day’..

Wednesday morning..departure day..

IMG_1058 long hill to climb out of the park and a left turn onto Westside Road..easy peasy!


..we drove through the area that had the Shelter Cove forest fire this summer..the charred remains were at road level..scary stuff to think how quickly a fire can start.


Are we there yet, Dad?..the cat is meowing and he won’t stop?

Our next stop for the week is Wright’s Beach in Penticton..


Site #210 was the one we picked..a nice view of Skaha Lake..great to have a ‘full hook- up site’, at long last.


..and a satellite signal within five minutes..



..this will be our last ‘week’ before we head to our winter destination..

More later..there is groceries to buy  and 10 days worth of laundry to do….stay tuned for more excitement from Bigdawg and Freeway.


  1. Great pictures of the park Sue! So nice to visit with you guys! A good season debriefing! Tucker was off his leash?!?!?!?!?! I never saw that! LOL

  2. Nice new spot. On steep steps I always find it harder to go down. I always feel it later in my calf's.

  3. I would have appreciated the person that numbered the stairs. I always start counting things in my head, and it drives me crazy!

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog--both when you are rolling and when you are stationary. Keep posting!!

  5. Maybe some day you can get solar panels and you won't be dependent on the "net". When we used to boondock that was all we used. Had a stand-by generator but it was hardly used. Makes for good neighbours too :-)
    I enjoy your posts and read them all the time.

  6. They should have numbered the steps backwards so you'd know how many you had left to get there. When you're retired, who wants to do math in their heads? :cD

  7. Great pictures, fun for you to get together with Teresa and Derek to compare notes.

    We really like Fintry too. Enjoy Penticton.

  8. Another great story. I love reading your adventures!

  9. Sue, you have all of the great lake side camp sites! So beautiful to see the fall colours. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! (My FB page got hacked, so I had to deactivate it. I miss my FB friends like you!)


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