Saturday, November 7, 2015

Being Neighbourly?


October 20-November 6, 2015

We have been going through yet another adjustment phase..


Knowing we are going to be parked here till at least mid-March has it’s advantages..


..the trailer is straight again..


Nothin’ but time to do what ever we it sleeping in or getting up early…

Coffee with the neighbours in the morning or happy hour in the afternoon..

The days seem to go by quickly…


Tucker seems to be back to his normal self finally…such a relief..


2015_10_20We took a drive to Haynes Point one day..a closed provincial park not too far from us....doggy heaven  for the golden boy! free Tucker!!


..the leaves are changing colour..and no campers or vehicles in the park..just us and our ‘pooch’..



..We have made friends with our neighbours, Wayne and Diane from Fort McMurray..

We had noticed their ‘stairs’ going into their trailer..and I had thought how nice it would be to have ‘sort of the same’..sure would be great  to  put away the regular stairs and save them from the wear and tear of  daily use?


….so our new neighbour, Wayne volunteered his ‘services’ and his tools  to help Doug build our new ‘entrance?’..

2015_10_25 day’s worth of work and a few trips to the local lumber yard..


and ‘voila’..we have a sturdy new deck and three stairs..


..thanks for you help, Wayne and Diane, looks wonderful…good thing it can come apart and we can take it with us next year…

.now for a recap of the last two weeks?..


We drove to Kettle River Provincial park, in the hopes of being able to walk around inside the park, but it was not to be..too much damage from the Rock Creek forest fire this past summer, so no admittance for these former ‘PO’S’..


We have also been to Nelson, to visit our friends, Brenda and Ken..a  265 kilometer drive…


..just a few hills, mountains and one big summit to climb, Paulson summit/ Bonanza Pass..only 5036 feet..snow on the side of the road and a bit slushy..



a three hour drive from our trailer to their front door..


..the guest room..


..a turkey dinner with all the trimmings on the first night..


IMG_1305 much food and wine…so thankful for ‘stretchy pants’..


One never leaves here ‘hungry’..we even brought home ‘homemade cookies, turkey pot pie and jalapeno pepper jelly’..

Brenda and Ken are the ‘hosts with most-ess’..thanks for the was great to see the two of you..hope that ‘vern’ the kitty has survived Tucker being in his ‘house’..


We came home on Tuesday, November 4th..Po missed us but Wayne and Diane watched him for us..

Wednesday morning we headed back to Keremeos..


..time for the ‘cows’ to  come  home?

but not before we tried to get our daily ‘selfie’..


IMG_1322 an old fashioned cattle drive happens twice a year..

2015_11_04 of the farmers down the road from Ron and Karen, bring over a hundred head of cattle home from the range..and they meander slowly down River Road..



they are  on a mission..back to the farm!


..with the assistance of ‘today’s kind of cowboy?’..

IMG_1356IMG_1354IMG_1355 as the cattle are all herded into the pens..we headed on home..


..time to get ready for ‘winter’..


  1. Looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. Your stairs look very nice.

    I can't wait till we celebrate Thanksgiving. Awesome food...but I usually overeat...:(

  2. So glad to hear Tucker is back to is old self. So remember that old rule of RVing? If something comes in, then something has to go out. Looks like you have to get rid of lots of stuff to pack all that lumber around...just sayin :-) Your stairs look great.

  3. Nice stairs. Looks like it is getting cold there. Great pictures - beautiful country.

  4. You seem in transition between measurement systems -- distance in km but pass height in feet :-)

  5. Looks like it will be easy to adjust to the new digs:)

  6. I sure wish you'd come down and build me a set of those steps!

  7. Beautiful location. Nice place to settle for a while.

  8. Great photos, Sue, of your adventures! Not too many cattle drives around any more.
    Glad to hear Tucker is feeling back to normal! K9 flu is up this year down here in the states. It must have been nice to walk around a closed to camping provincial park, all to yourselves! Very nice sturdy stairs for the trailer, and so nice you can take them with you! Stay warm and dry! Kathy


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