Monday, November 23, 2015



November 7-23, 2015

The snow is getting lower on the mountains that surround the park..

IMG_1361’s time for the ‘winter prep’ to begin..


..there are a few items that are necessary for our ‘winter stay’ in Osoyoos..just to make things much more comfortable inside and outside..

  • warm cold feet


  • dehumidifier..excess moisture can be a ‘killer in a rv’


  • electric heater with thermometer control and an oscillating feature..yes we still use our furnace at night but during the day this ‘tall beauty’ keeps us warm..


  • electric water hose  to keep the water running..


  • foil wrap on the water standpipe and it is also fitted with heat tape underneath that ‘fancy silver sock’


  • cover for the sewer hose..we used a 4 inch piece of plastic pipe and just put it over our regular rhino sewer hose


  • a 100 pound propane tank rental from the park..


  • skirting was the last and final piece to the ‘hibernation’ puzzle..


..a nice warm R-17 insulation  skirt for the bottom of the trailer..



We seem to have all the ‘pieces to the winter puzzle’ we just need to put it all together..

and then  we just wait for ‘old man winter to arrive?’…


we have had snow on the mountains surrounding the park..


 ..a frozen ‘water bowl’ for Tucker….he couldn’t quite grasp the concept?


He, of course still thinks it’s summer time?


never mind the fact that the leaves are changing colour..


..soon his favourite swimming hole will be a big ‘ice cube’..but for now we will enjoy the blue skies and the autumn colours..


..and the walks at Haynes Point..


..soon days like these will be replaced with a few indoor doors but not to worry..we are ready for ‘hibernation’..



  1. Ha! Great title - us too of course however no pieces for us really. Glad you guys are ready to go. Our mountains looked the same as yours although we did have snow on the ground this morning. You beat me on a blog post - I've been thinking about mine for awhile now - just haven't gotten it together...... always tomorrow..... Hi to D and T!

  2. Looks like you are ready for 'old man winter' when he comes! But for now, it looks pretty nice out. xo

  3. Yikes. Number one goal for us is never another winter in Canada! Having said that, we did spend a week in Osoyoos way back in November of 2007. You'll have to look that up in our archives!

  4. Sounds like you are all set for the cold weather. Enjoy!

  5. It seems that your winter preparation is complete. Bring on the hibernation....!

  6. Yes much much braver than we will ever be...

  7. Have you thought about covering your Air Conditioner with not just a cover but with insulation in it as well. Another thing is adding Plastic window covers that are sealed on using a hairdryer.
    Looking forward to hearing how you fair out this winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. You are well set up for the winter, very impressive all the steps you've taken for the cold weather. But where is the snow shovel? :cO

  9. You really seem to have things under control but I'm sure glad it's not us. I really couldn't survive another winter in the north country.

  10. They call that snow in the mountains "anticipation precipitation" in Alaska...Maybe it would be much easier just to head to a warmer climate??? I would get "cabin/RV fever" from stying inside so much!!

  11. We did those things while wintering in NJ. We also kept our fresh tank topped off in case the pump on the water well froze. If you are having to be outside quite a bit like we were, those insertable toe warmers (we got ours at Lowe's) really do work, and kept my feet warm all day in subzero temps. Snow and subzero temps can be challenging in an RV, but we did enjoy the beauty of Winter in Jersey.

  12. I've read your blog for a while now, but never commented. Just wondering about the skirting. Have you stayed in cold climates without it and does it make much difference to the comfort inside the trailer with it on?

    1. this is our first winter ..and yes it does make a difference..blocks the wind..keeps the floor warmer and the worth the money!!
      ours is rated for R17...

  13. My husband and I stumbled upon your blog! What cool pictures and vistas!!! We love traveling ourselves and have garnered several ideas from your inspiring postings. Have you seen Any time you are using equipment of this type one might need HVAC services. Anyway, loved your blog, happy travels!!!!

    Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC


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