Thursday, November 26, 2015

Number 22?

As the month of November is slowing drawing to a more month till Christmas..hard to believe that another year is almost done..

We met our '22nd blogger' a few days ago..Ross and Deborah Hinter, fellow Canadian RV'ers...They had contacted us through the RVillage Website..
They are enjoying their winter stay at a different park than us but only about a mile from our winter home..

Being Canadian, of course we met at the local Tim Hortons..we chatted for over an hour trading our 'rv stories'..they, too are new 'fulltimers' so it was great to listen to their adventures as they embark on this new 'lifestyle'.

Now as for our weather here in Osoyoos..we have a had a few colder days..the wind has been relentless..

We had a blustery night...with gusts of upwards to 60 kms an's a wonder we were still in the park in the morning..
We lost our collapsible garbage can in the storm, but other than that we held up okay..
As you can see the white 'stuff' covered the grass  one day...
..the gloves, scarves and toques are now are normal accessories when venturing outside...but the one good thing is we have great neighbours to chat with..this is Lesley...
..and Tucker has a new 'girlfriend'..her name is Saphira..she is quite enthralled with our kitty when she comes to visit?

but the best thing of all is the fact that the sky is least for now!

..Now if you are wondering why this post looks different?..I have been using Live Writer for years but it seems to be giving me some I am resorting to the 'old way'...quite the learning curve for me...not too sure if I can get use to this again?


  1. Always fun times to meet up with fellow bloggers. That wind looked horrendous. Glad you didn't lose anything else.

  2. Sounds like you two are continuing to live the good life. Glad to read that you are still happy even when the weather isn't.

  3. I am sending you a hug to help keep you warm.

  4. I had to use blogger for a while too...but I'm back to Live Writer now...not sure for how long..Stay warm up there..70 degrees here in Grenada, MS!

  5. Burrrr!!! We are in for a cold snap here in Quartzsite too. Lows of 2C and highs of 17C this week. We still had our shorts and flip flops on today though. :-) Miss our happy hours with you guys!

  6. Time is rolling by. You two seem to be well hunkered down for the south Okanagan winter weather. And to have friendly neighbours is typical of the RV'ing lifestyle.

    Happy US Thanksgiving.

  7. Interesting and refreshing to read. The photos are beautiful. The RV life is one of freedom, adventure, experiences and friendships. We have no regrets in our decision, and love our winter home here in the southern interior.

  8. It's been 40 years since I last traveled though Osoyoos. I have wondered these past few RVing years what Osoyoos might be like during the winter instead of heading all the way to the southwest. Looking at how warmly you folks are dressed I think we'll just keep heading south each year. Sure wished Canada had a truly warm winter spot.


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