Tuesday, March 31, 2015

‘Wood’nt’ you know it..the gangs all here!


Our 15 day stay in Keremeos came to an end on March 27th..time to move on and get those wheels rolling on the white box!


All hooked and ready to roll..one final light check..

and our spot is vacant..it looks so empty?


Maybe Ron and Karen should rent it out until we come back in October?


..right on schedule..


with the hugs and love you’s..see you in  a few months  out of the way..It was time to venture down the highway towards our next stop..only 175 kilometers to go!


the boys all settled in the back seat..the poor kitty was not too pleased for a while!..Tucker even got annoyed at him and barked at him!.. it was so funny!


within two hours we were in sight of the city  of Merritt..only one more hill in our way..



..down Hamilton Hill and then  Merritt came into view..


..one stop to get the ‘keys to the kingdom’..and only another 20 minutes on Highway 5A..


.our home for the next six months..looks a bit familar..


one yellow gate in our way..


..before long we were backed into our same spot as last year and set up..


We were all by ourselves with only the ‘wild animals’ for company for a few days..


The campground is so empty!


pine 2pn4

looks like there is some clean up to be done before the park can open..

The weather has been great..sunny and windy..


On Monday afternoon the first of two arrivals..first was Doug and Toni..


They landed safely in their usual spot..


and then a couple of hours later the ‘newbies’ arrived..Steve and Dianne Colibaba...


up the hill into the compound..


now Steve has turn this rig around!..the audience that did some directing?


He only has to back that rig into this skinny little spot!


..piece of cake..even with the ‘firewood’ in the way!


..our first evening ended with happy hour and a pot luck dinner..one of many, we hope over the next few months!


..the last day of March dawned with sun and wind..

The new ‘arrivals’ both made trips into town for laundry and shopping..leaving us to our own devices yet again..

We kept ourselves busy..IMG_4201

..we earned our keep doing some manual labour..only 10 pallets of firewood moved and restacked..


..now Steve and Dianne can see out the window!


..so now that the gang is all here..stay tuned for more ..there will be many a tale  to tell as the  PFO’s of Monck Park!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twelve days in a nutshell?


Time is going by so quickly..

We have been parked in Keremeos for almost two weeks..and we can’t believe how fast the days go..


I most certainly couldn’t tell you what we have done every single day but it seems that just living life passes the time..

Just normal household chores seem to fill the days..along with some visiting..

A few trips into ‘town’ to do some shopping..

We went to Okanagan Falls one day..making a stop for ice cream..


..and of course, a ‘canine’ cone for Tucker..gone in two bites!


..there was a few trips to the ‘dog park’..

happy tucker

..and a ‘bed take over??’ from the ‘boss’..

who's the boss

This past Monday..we had plans to go and visit some fellow PFO’s..

Our destination was Fintry Provincial Park..about 2 hours from Keremeos..


..once we got through the city of West Kelowna..we had to travel on the Westside Road about 40 kilometers..not really an issue other than the fact that the road is very narrow, windy and no side rails…one little mistake and you would be over the side, down a steep embankment  and into the lake!

Our friends and fellow PFO’s..the Wood Clan from the Life Made Simple Blog, on my sidebar, were our hosts for the afternoon..

They managed to score a nice job at Fintry Provincial Park..along with being the managers ..they also get to live in house!!..no more van living for this family of three!


It was so nice to see Derrick and Teresa again…it had been almost a year since we first met them  last May long weekend at Kentucky/Alleyne.

We chatted over a delicious lunch..catching up on all the comings and goings..and the adventures of being a Park Facility Operator..


As we compared notes on the differences between Fintry and Monck Park..we went for walk around their ‘new park’..



a beautiful campground on the shores of Okanagan Lake..



We had a great walk..and even received a history lesson on the park..


..from the barns to the historical buildings..if this park could ‘talk’..


..our afternoon visit went so quickly..


time to head home and say so long to our friends..


..back down the windy road..

but not before being stopped by a few big horn sheep..



there was at least ten of them on the side of the road..

a quick ‘stare down’ and they were off..

..home just before dark after a wonderful day!

..so there you have it..12 days in a ‘nutshell’..

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May 16..fast forward to today, December 3...