Thursday, June 4, 2015

If I had a million dollars?


Another couple weeks have passed and we can’t believe how fast the days go by..


On May 24, my birthday.. we were up early and headed out to clean the bathrooms..

There are a ‘few’ to clean so with two of us scrubbing  the toilets the task is done rather quickly and efficiently..

A very nice ‘camper’ or maybe it was a visitor to the beach left us a ‘tip?’


Just a couple ‘million dollars’..not a bad birthday gift?

Ron and Karen came for a  Sunday morning visit to see the park and of course have the usual ‘breakfast of French Toast’ was nice to see them again and give them a tour of our ‘spring/summer’ home..


Sunday night we had company for dinner.. blog readers Doug and Eileen came for a barbecue bringing with them a handmade dish cloth as a token of appreciation.. a lovely gift that will get lots of use..11201182_10152830530110896_2566932721463069316_n

We had a nice meal of burgers and potato salad..such a lovely couple!!! glad we got to spend some time getting to know them!

Monday morning they left Monck Park..onwards to Oliver, BC for them..


We hope our paths will cross one day soon..

11054316_10152830526175896_6657762028491947151_n is nice to meet blog readers..and in between our working we made some time to visit..

and we have  had a few visitors this past week…

from Wandering Willie to Jean and Skip  and there was a new  reader, Doug and Mel, who  have a shiny new blog called ‘Just another Rv Blog’


Recycling is another one of our jobs..or rather sorting bottles, cans, wine and beer bottles..


There seems to be some ‘angry recyclers’ out there in the campground?

A very ‘twisted’ water bottle?


..we had some rain and thunder?


wild and wacky weather for a few days..

and then there was more company..Brenda and Ken came and stayed for a few days..


bringing with them..some delicious home made cookies and a bottle of our favourite Disaronna..

The time went by so quickly and before we knew it the visit was over…


..and then it was time for our ‘compound peeps’ to come home!

The Colibaba’s are back!!!


our first ‘happy hour’!!


and their first official day of ‘training’..


..our life here at Monck may not be ‘glitz and glamour’ but some times we just want to ‘pinch ourselves’ and say ‘we can’t believe we actually ‘work’ here..


with views like this each and every day it doesn’t really seem like ‘work’!



so we may not have a ‘million dollars’ but the views at the park are sure worth a ‘million dollars’!

If you are ever in our ‘neighbourhood’ be sure to stop by and say ‘hi’ and check out the views!

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