Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seeing Double??


Every few days we seem to get a visit from the resident deer..


She seems to feel very safe in the park and enjoys the ‘vegetation’ we have growing in the compound..


She brought her ‘babies’ by for a meal one night too..


so adorable with their white spots..


..’mom’ is never too far away..


..they come and eat very quietly and leave the same way..


..good thing Tucker doesn’t really bother with them..although one night he did go after her for a split second..

We have had a pretty quiet week..just doing the usual stuff….


Where there is a campfire there is most likely a glass of wine or two and a pot luck barbeque meal just for fun!

We had nachos one night…


..lots of walks around the park..


..a trip to Kamloops for  our usual Costco run..


and a drive to the other side of the lake for a ‘swim’..


Tucker has worn out his ‘ring’..time for a new one..


good thing we have a ‘stash’!

Wonder if the ‘Chuck- it’ company would send us one for free?



Tucker is waiting for his turn to go in the gatehouse and get his ‘token cookie’…


We went for another walk this evening to say ‘so long’ to a lovely family who have been camping at the park for two weeks..


The Martin’s are regulars here at Monck Park..such a great family!!


..another one of those ‘special campers’ that we get to meet!!

One more day and the month of August will be upon us..and the BC Day long weekend will be here..the park will be filled to the brim with ‘happy campers’!

Going to be a busy one!!!,,stay tuned for a recap next time!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Peachy?


It has been almost four months since we arrived at  Monck Park ..hard to believe how fast the time is going by..


Since we have been here, we have taken a few road trips but most of the time the furthest we go is the city of Kamloops..other than our road trips to Kelowna we have pretty much  stayed ‘local’..


We go into the town of Merritt once a week or so for our groceries and that is about the ‘gist’ of our travelling..

So today, being our day off we both felt the need to ‘get out of the park’ was time to go ‘home’ for the day…


Home to Keremeos that is..


On route to Keremeos, just before the town of Hedley is a little shop called ‘Doug’s Homestead’..they have the best pepperoni and beef jerky, so worth stopping for if you are ever in the neighbourhood!

Purchase some pepperoni and play the ‘game’..they put one stick of pepperoni on the scale..guess what the total cost to the penny   will be when they add the rest and if you are right you ‘win your purchase’..

We were way off but the next customer came within 8 cents..close but no free pepperoni for them!


Only about 2 hours from our favourite little town..the Fruit Stand Capital of North America..


..our first stop was, of course, Doug’s brother’s home..


It’s in full bloom with fruit on the trees..


Doug dropped Tucker and I off to visit with Karen while he went about ten minutes down the highway to visit his brother at work..

Tucker and the ‘ doggy cousins’ don’t get along too well so our golden boy had to be locked in the kennel while we went in the house..

He was none too pleased..but it was short lived..

Once Doug returned it was time to move on to local RV Park..

My parents are parked here for the summer..


..its been a long time since we have been on ‘grass’..nice soft green grass!!

IMG_0069 under your feet and the golden paws!!

It was nice to see my parents again..last week we had such a short visit so it was great to see them for the afternoon!!

We made a stop at a local fruit stand…’s the one with all the old farm equipment out front!..

We bought some cherries and apples..said hello to the owner, Quinton..and we were on our way..but not before another stop at Ron and Karen’s to get our mail and drop off a few items for storage in their garage..

And they gave us some peaches to take back home!


..nice and fuzzy and fresh picked this morning!

We headed home just after 5:30..stopping in Princeton for a quick dinner..what was suppose to be a quiet picnic on the banks of the river..


turned into.. the fries in the dirt because of the wind..and an annoying wasp in Doug’s chocolate shake!


Cost for our 376 kilometer  ‘day trip’..

pepperoni and beef jerky..$20

gas………..$1.27 a liter


seeing family?..Priceless

and so ends a ‘peachy day’…

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Compound Life?


One of the perks of working here at Monck Park is the fact that we live in the ‘compound’ above the campground..also known as the ‘service area’..


Just a short walk up the hill..


yes, we have to share the area with the garbage bins, recycling area and the burn piles..but it’s home for now..

We have a full service site and we provide our own satellite TV and internet..


Yes, we work for the perks of staying here..but at least there is no commute..or rather a very short one..

Gone are the long commuting days..riding the bus and the sky train and fighting the rush hour traffic..

The only traffic here are the deer..


..and the hummingbirds..


..doing laundry is easy..


and we have a clothesline too..nothing like the smell of clean laundry dried on a clothesline!


Our work week begins again tomorrow..but today we enjoyed a leisurely day off..

Breakfast of champions?


..and of course there is the normal housework stuff…

and then there was some time to take Tucker for a swim..


and a walk around the park..


We will sure miss this view come September but for now we will be sure to enjoy it as much as we can..


As a worker in the Gatehouse we do get some strange request for items?..I had a camper the other day inquiring about some sugar?..His wife was desperate for sugar for her coffee?.. I gave him a few packs of the ‘sweet stuff’ and he replied..’that won’t be enough for her?’

I called Doug on the radio and asked if he would go to our trailer and get some of our sugar to give them..

I have lots..gotta keep those little hummingbirds happy..


Fast forward to last night and the two ’sugar’  campers come in with this..


a token of their appreciation for the ‘cup of sugar’…

We are on afternoons this week so there is lots of time in the mornings for ‘making’ a real breakfast….


and there is also time for a walk around the park..I love doing this..seeing how everyone sets up their campsites..


Saturday morning the clouds have rolled’s still warm outside though..


..very thankful to be working in an air-conditioned gatehouse in the afternoon..


and the view isn’t half bad..


Sunday morning there is a mass exodus again..I am not working till this afternoon and the temperature is on the rise again..


and  even Tucker is too ‘tuckered to play’..note that his toys are never too far away..

His three favourites..the ‘famous’ ring, buoy and his ‘boobie’..


not to worry dear readers..he is inside the trailer when we go to work, in the comfort of the air conditioning..and then he has his favourite ‘cookie auntie’ who takes him for a walk ..


and then he comes to visit me in the gatehouse..


So there you have our ‘compound life’ in a ‘nutshell’..

Stay tuned for more…

There will be a ‘prison break’ in a few days!!

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...