Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Defining Moment?


We have been living ‘full time’ in our 28 foot travel trailer since February 21, 2014..


Six months of living in a 200 square foot house on wheels with four feet and eight paws....


No ‘sticks and bricks’ home  to go back to..just a few boxes stored in a garage in Keremeos...the rest of our ‘stuff’ with us..


We all have what we call ‘defining moments’ in our lives..

  • be it  getting married
  • having kids
  • buying a house or a car or a rv?
  • retirement?
  • or become a ‘full-timer?’

What defines someone being a full-timer?

  • is it the size of their rv?
  • Is it someone who criss-crosses the country..seeing as many sights as they can while they travel?


  • Is it a part time traveller ?
  • is it a snowbird?
  • is it parking  in one spot for longer periods of time?
  • Is it only those that go ‘south for the winter?’..seeking the sun, sand and surf?
  • is it only those who ‘boondock in the desert?’
  • do they work full time or part time out of their rv?
  • are they work campers,like us?
  • are they  camp-hosts?
  • do they travel with children, home schooling them as they travel?
  • do they have pets?
  • do they volunteer at a campground  in exchange for a free ‘campsite?’

Doug and I have had many a discussion on this topic..and we have come to the conclusion that our definition of a  ‘full timer’ is just someone who lives their life in a RV 365 days a year, give or take a vacation or two?..


It doesn’t matter if you stay in one spot for an extended period of time or you move every few days..

It is the choice to live a simpler life in a small it in a 14 foot trailer or a 45 foot tag axle..the home on wheels is what defines being a ‘full timer’.


We are comfy in our small space surrounded by the things that make our ‘little house on wheels’ a home..


We have all the comforts of home from a kitchen to a living room and a bedroom and a may be on a smaller scale than some but we make it work..


Yes, we have been sitting still since the end of March..doing our work camping jobs and soon it will be time to get re-organized and hook up the trailer and head on out..

So as the 2015 camping season is slowly coming to an end..our thoughts are also turning to ‘what will we do when this ‘gig is up’ and where will we go?


The wheels will turn again ..that is of course, unless they are flat on one side from sitting for so long?

IMG_3960 never know where we may wind stay tuned..a new adventure is on the horizon..






Saturday, August 22, 2015

Double date night!


When we first arrived at Monck in the spring, we had discussed with Steve and Dianne birthdays and anniversaries..

It seemed that Steve’s birthday is two days after our anniversary so..after five months of talking about this 

‘double date  night’ was finally going to happen…

Our original  plan was to go the Quilchena Inn but then we decided on the Keg in Kamloops instead..


I had received two $25 gift cards for the Keg when I retired..time to use them!!


Since our days off do not coincide very often we did manage to figure out the only night we could go for our celebration dinner would be this past Wednesday..

Doug spent the day cleaning the truck ..vacuuming, washing and shining up our ‘ride’..

And at 430..after Steve and Dianne were finished their work day we headed out..

A nice drive along the lake towards the city of Kamloops..a bit of a ways but so worth it!!


..we had wine and beer..great conversation..we never seem to run out of things to talk about!


..Steve and Dianne ordered Steak and Lobster..such a splurge!!


..and we had our ‘usual’ Prime Rib and Garlic Mashed Potatoes..

IMG_0345 photo!..


..we even received two complimentary desserts!



..after dinner we were all so ‘full’ we went for a walk to Riverside Park..


..a beautiful park..on the shore of the Thompson River..


this is where the north and south Thompson River meet..


..and a great sunset to finish off a lovely ‘date night’..


IMG_0352 was so nice to feel like a normal couple again and spend some quality time with our ‘neighbours’!!!


Happy 60th birthday to you Steve..


and Happy 34th Anniversary to us!!..just a little trip down memory lane..’'



..hard to believe how fast the years have gone by..

Friday, August 21, 2015

One More lake?


As we have been working pretty much full time since mid April..on our days off, we often try to venture out and explore somewhere that we have never been before..


This week the schedule was revamped and we only have one day off together so we made the most of it..


We packed a picnic lunch and we headed towards a park we have yet to visit..Roche Lake Provincial Park..

Fullscreen capture 12-Aug-2015 201541..about an hour and a bit from Monck Park....twelve kilometers of well-serviced gravel road..we only had to pull over once to let a logging truck pass us..



..there is a resort at the end of the gravel road..


but we decided to turn around and head back to the provincial park area..IMG_0286we found a spot on the shore of the lake..IMG_0285..and set up the chairs..IMG_0288and of course, Tucker was in the lake surprise there..

His ever growing list of bodies of water he has dipped his paws in is getting longer and longer..Roche Lake is now added to ‘his collection’

IMG_0301..his ring is never far..IMG_0290..there are some campsites along the lake too.IMG_0300..and some with a view of the lake..

IMG_0307IMG_0304IMG_0305..Doug, of course, wished that he had brought his fishing gear with we watched the fish jumping!IMG_0291Tucker kept us entertained, per usual..IMG_0302his usual antics..swimming back and forth and chasing the jumping fish!

..a nice way to spend an afternoon..

IMG_0317..and for least there was a ‘bathroom’..a pre requisite for these kinds of day trips!


..a ‘tired dawg is a happy dawg’!


..thanks for riding along with us today..hope you enjoyed the tour of Roche Lake!

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