Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Zero's

November 26-30, 2015

Being Canadians, we seem to talk about the weather all the time?...and since we are spending our first winter here in Osoyoos,
 I may as well get the temperature reports out of the way...It has been not too bad the last few days...sure the thermometer has not gone up much past the freezing point but that's okay with us..
We dress for the weather and try and spend as much time outside as we can.
yet another walk at Haynes with our neighbor , Barb..Saphira's mom...smiles all round..
Haynes 'Point' has gotten bigger since we were here last..seems the water level has gone down enough to create more of a 'spit'..the current here is very strong..we stayed back..not encouraging Tucker to go along the sand...( a young girl drowned here this past summer)

Tucker on the table yet again and Saphira joined in on the fun a few days later..

as you can all see the 'minus temperatures' have created a lovely frozen water fountain..

Tucker has 'embraced old man winter'..the boy has no fear of cold water, he of course has to dip his paws no matter what the temperature..and he also has a new found 'friend' who will throw his he sits waiting for 'someone' to come outside?..come on outside, Semi..I'm waiting?
does this 'trailer' make my butt look big?

We ventured to the big town of Keremeos..on a mission to pick up our Christmas decorations..
a balmy -5...and
 a 'free' McDonald's cheeseburger..sure pays to visit the Golden Arches when their debit machine isn't working?
Spotted Lake is frozen..

but it was still a nice drive on a Saturday afternoon..
even the Similkameen  River  has a layer of ice...
a quick visit with Ron and Karen and a search through our stuff in the garage and we were on our way back home again..

our daily selfie ...under the K...embracing old man winter..
so now that the Christmas 'crap is home...time to put some lights on the tree outside our front door..
two guys to hold the ladder..and one to hang the lights..thanks for shaming my 'Grinch' to put up the lights, Wayne and Semi!!
no time for doing the decorating inside today..too busy visiting with the neighbors..
Barb and Saphira came by for tea and cookies..
We also met another Canadian couple through the RVillage..
Mike and Lou...they are heading southward tomorrow so it was nice to meet up..we will be sure to keep in touch this winter!! travels to you both!!
..the last day of November was spent putting the tree up.. didn't take too long..only a few items made the cut when we downsized!!

so there you have the month of November is now done...we are so very thankful for having such great neighbors we are all 'Winter Zero' winters completed at Nkmip is what being a Winter Zero is ..there are some snowbirds here who are Winter 8's and 9's..we are the rookies this year..
Bring on December..
we are more than ready!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Number 22?

As the month of November is slowing drawing to a more month till Christmas..hard to believe that another year is almost done..

We met our '22nd blogger' a few days ago..Ross and Deborah Hinter, fellow Canadian RV'ers...They had contacted us through the RVillage Website..
They are enjoying their winter stay at a different park than us but only about a mile from our winter home..

Being Canadian, of course we met at the local Tim Hortons..we chatted for over an hour trading our 'rv stories'..they, too are new 'fulltimers' so it was great to listen to their adventures as they embark on this new 'lifestyle'.

Now as for our weather here in Osoyoos..we have a had a few colder days..the wind has been relentless..

We had a blustery night...with gusts of upwards to 60 kms an's a wonder we were still in the park in the morning..
We lost our collapsible garbage can in the storm, but other than that we held up okay..
As you can see the white 'stuff' covered the grass  one day...
..the gloves, scarves and toques are now are normal accessories when venturing outside...but the one good thing is we have great neighbours to chat with..this is Lesley...
..and Tucker has a new 'girlfriend'..her name is Saphira..she is quite enthralled with our kitty when she comes to visit?

but the best thing of all is the fact that the sky is least for now!

..Now if you are wondering why this post looks different?..I have been using Live Writer for years but it seems to be giving me some I am resorting to the 'old way'...quite the learning curve for me...not too sure if I can get use to this again?

Monday, November 23, 2015



November 7-23, 2015

The snow is getting lower on the mountains that surround the park..

IMG_1361’s time for the ‘winter prep’ to begin..


..there are a few items that are necessary for our ‘winter stay’ in Osoyoos..just to make things much more comfortable inside and outside..

  • warm cold feet


  • dehumidifier..excess moisture can be a ‘killer in a rv’


  • electric heater with thermometer control and an oscillating feature..yes we still use our furnace at night but during the day this ‘tall beauty’ keeps us warm..


  • electric water hose  to keep the water running..


  • foil wrap on the water standpipe and it is also fitted with heat tape underneath that ‘fancy silver sock’


  • cover for the sewer hose..we used a 4 inch piece of plastic pipe and just put it over our regular rhino sewer hose


  • a 100 pound propane tank rental from the park..


  • skirting was the last and final piece to the ‘hibernation’ puzzle..


..a nice warm R-17 insulation  skirt for the bottom of the trailer..



We seem to have all the ‘pieces to the winter puzzle’ we just need to put it all together..

and then  we just wait for ‘old man winter to arrive?’…


we have had snow on the mountains surrounding the park..


 ..a frozen ‘water bowl’ for Tucker….he couldn’t quite grasp the concept?


He, of course still thinks it’s summer time?


never mind the fact that the leaves are changing colour..


..soon his favourite swimming hole will be a big ‘ice cube’..but for now we will enjoy the blue skies and the autumn colours..


..and the walks at Haynes Point..


..soon days like these will be replaced with a few indoor doors but not to worry..we are ready for ‘hibernation’..


Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...