Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The End?

The end of the year is one more day away..
Only one post this month....there has not too much to blog about..
We have been enjoying our winter stay here..
even if the temperature tonight is -9 celcius..we are toasty warm and...
yes the ground is has actually been white all month...
there have been many walks to the 'beach'..

and many photos from this 'position'..

.and we even had the lovely 'pleasure' of being sick for a while..

..thank goodness for 'drugs'..before long we were back to some semblance of normal..
before we knew it the last week before Christmas was here..

..Our little group of Winter Zero's dwindled down over the Christmas season..two of them making trips to the neighboring province of Alberta to visit that left Doug to look after 'two homes on wheels'..checking furnaces, heaters and inside temperatures and shoveling driveways kept him busy..

..we had some furnace issues as well..seems the 'sail switch' on our propane furnace decided it was tired of working at 2 am one morning...A quick call to the mobile rv guy here in Osoyoos in the morning and within two days were back up and running in no time..our bank account a bit lighter but we were very happy with the speedy service..
Brenda and Ken came through Osoyoos on their way to Vancouver..we had a lovely breakfast at a local restaurant..
and they gave us a tin of baked goodies and two pairs of knitted slippers!!
our collection of Christmas cards this year!..nice to see this tradition is still alive and well..
Christmas morning..just the 'four of us'..

..the gifts were unwrapped in no time...

We had an invitation to go to Karen's sister's for a Christmas lunch in Okanagan Falls..
so we made the trek about 45 minutes away..we could hardly wait for the 'hot turkey sandwiches'!
We had a lovely visit with Ron and Karen and Cheryl and Andy.. before we knew it we were heading back home ..another 'dinner' at the clubhouse with our 'park peeps'..
So that pretty much sums up the month of December..and 2015..
Our New Years Eve will  be spent with our favorite Winter Zero's at the local as the year comes to an end..we want to wish all our readers a very Happy and Healthy New Year..see you all in 2016

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