Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why bother?

January 26, 2016- March 17, 2016

When this blog was 'born' way back in 2008 and our 'wild and crazy plan' was hatched..yes it's been that long..I had thought that 'everyday' would be an 'adventure' once we embarked on this new 'journey'...

but sitting still for the winter has most certainly not been 'an adventure' by any means..the days all run together and before we know it six weeks have gone by... this winter what we thought it would be?...according to the locals it has been an unusually cold one?.,,we, don't know any different so we didn't think it was 'that bad'...
..the snow is finally all gone and the grass is turning we have sunshine and wind..
one of those days where I wish I had a clothesline...

and here I sit with 'writer's block'...sure in the middle of the night thoughts will come to me and the words will flow but by the time I get out of bed in the morning I have forgotten?
..and the only thoughts I can put together are 'Why bother?'
Too much time has past to recap the last six is my blog 'dead in the water' yet again?
sure feels like it... can only hope that this year we will have some new adventures to embark on...

..only a few more weeks of 'sitting still'..and then the 'wheels will be rolling again'..

....onwards to Spring/Summer..we can't wait!!


  1. I know how you feel. That 'why bother' question comes & goes so often with me. At the moment I am in 'why bother' mood as well. It's not easy to make a blog interesting when repetitive days routinely blend into each other yet I see daily Bloggers out here writing the same thing day after day after day. Myself sometimes included. I know how you feel. It's discouraging, it's frustrating, it's depressing. And yet in between those feelings it's exciting, challenging, invigorating, & rewarding. Writing makes me feel good inside so on a personal level it works for me but if I just had me to write for I probably would have given it up a long time ago. My blog has evolved over the years & I find myself writing for my readers now & that is the spark that keeps me going. Sometimes I don't care but I know my readers care & that gives me the incentive & encouragement to get through those 'why bother' periods. I try hard with each post to somehow make it different than my previous post & as a daily Blogger I worry all the time about dropping into that miserably all to consuming Blogger's abysmal pit of repetition. And yet I know if I don't keep blogging & miss 4 or 5 days or a week I would be finished. Too hard for me to go back & remember things. Too hard for me to write enthusiastically about something that happened a week ago let along a month ago. So for me it's every day or it's nothing. Yes, I know how you feel.......................

  2. Definitely understand. When we are just sitting here in AJ I have absolutely nothing to blog about. However when we are finally on the move again then I get more excited about blogging.

  3. Our life has changed dramatically in the past year, so I know exactly how you feel. While still living in our RV, we are in an RV park, Dave is working away from the rig and I'm working from home (telecommuting). Our life has become pretty mundane compared to the past several years, so there's not much to talk about and, honestly, I struggle to find time, energy or inspiration. I'm working on it, though, or at least thinking about working on it. Hang in there and give us an update now and then!

  4. Hmmm. I must be missing something. Is there a reason why you stay snowbound up there instead of coming our way to spend the winter among the palm trees? Then you would have plenty of adventure to write about! I think I would feel no different under your circumstance. You are too good a writer to deprive us of your talent.

  5. As everyone else said we all get those feelings but eventually shake them off. Traveling south for the winter will open your eyes and creativity brought on by the experiences. Don't try to see it all at once and you don't have to spend a fortune to do it. Set your sites on a destination and check out things on the way there and your return. When you reach your goal put that all together and you will never run out of things to write about.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. The grass turning green - with the snow gone - will offer a nice change for you two. Are you heading back to your former work camping site?

  7. The winter blahs will be over soon...spring is on it's way! And you'll soon be onto new adventures with plenty to blog about! See you soon! xo

  8. Fulltiming is a combination of living life and vacationing. When living life (staying in one place), not much of interest to write about. When vacationing (traveling), I am too busy having a great time exploring new places or visiting old haunts to stay on top of the blog writing. So, I maintain a private journal, and use that to update the blog when I have time ... sure the posts are behind schedule, but really, I am writing for myself mostly, so it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

  9. Girlfriend, I sooo feel your dilemma. I have MADE myself sit down and blog these past couple blogs..and the in between stretches get bigger and bigger. Once I get one in, I feel better, but if it continues becoming "homework", I'm not sure just how long I will last!!!

  10. I have found myself ready to bail on the blog many times. I keep going most of all because it is a good record of what we have done for ourselves to look at and maybe some day our kids might actually read it:)


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