Sunday, April 3, 2016

April fools?

My last post was just painful to try and prepare to post using the blogger editor… I have now just downloaded Open Live Writer!! I am hoping that this will be just as easy to use as the Live writer program!!

007 onwards and upwards…


We are down to our last few weeks here at Nk’mip..just trying to get a few chores done..

from washing  the truck ..


to defrosting the fridge..


We have had a few happy hours over at the

Colibaba’s campsite..


Tucker knows exactly where the ‘cookies’

come from!!


We had a ‘day trip’ to the big town of Penticton..

Steve and Dianne needed to do a few we all loaded in the truck and made the trek to the ‘big city’..

They were kind enough to treat us for lunch..


Our first time at  a Craft Brew pub..

Beer and Pizza..the choices were a bit

strange but we all managed to decide on

ones that were actually very tasty!

one with Siracha chicken and greek yogurt

and the other one  had beef brisket and

barbecue sauce!


..after lunch we headed back towards Osoyoos

but not before stopping at just a few wineries along the way..

Blasted Church was the first one..


but they are only open Monday to Friday?


not to worry there are plenty more along the

‘Golden Mile’..


Next stop was Hidden Chapel..the woman that was doing

the pouring of wine was a ‘hoot’..quite the personality!

from discussing having wine for breakfast to ‘chewy beer?’



and since the winery is called the Hidden Chapel..022

only has enough room to seat eight!


Steve and Dianne made a purchase and we were on to the next stop..

                          Road’s all about the dirt!


the castle was closed for renovations but  the tasting was being

done in the Executive Lounge ..another free tasting and there was even some bread to share..we needed something to absorb the alchol?



We both made purchases here..

and onwards to our last stop..


Church and State Winery..this one was started over on Vancouver Island at Brentwood Bay and they have a collection of wines called ‘Lost inhibitions’..

This was the only winery that we had to ‘pay to taste’ $8?..but if you purchase two bottles they don’t charge..I purchased my two tasting charge..Dianne bought one bottle and her tasting charge was also voided…

the bottles all have funny sayings on them..and the wine doesn’t taste too bad either!!


I won’t disclose what the two I purchased say on them…some not nice words not fit for print!..


so there you have our ‘April fools day’ all corked into a few nice  bottles of wine!..stay tuned for more..



  1. Looks like a "productive" day among the grapes! Some of the best food I've found were "pairings" at breweries I would never have tried otherwise! Pear pizza in Carson City was my favorite :-)

  2. I've been using OLW since it came out, and have seen no discernible difference from LW in the aspects that I use on a regular basis. Enjoy the wine.

  3. Tasting should be fun and the businesses that hire fun people will do much better.

  4. Great spending time with you both! Looking forward to more "adventures" cream? wine? craft brewery?.....

  5. Touring wineries in the Okanagan is a nice activity. And the choices are limitless....!


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