Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Behind the gates?

April 16-20, 2016

Here we sit, parked in Keremeos for a couple of weeks..


One of the reasons we stop here is of course to visit family, but the other reason is to remove our winter stuff from the trailer and pick up the items we will need for our spring/summer and fall adventure of 2016..


We lovingly call this place ‘prison’..we need ‘permission’ from the ‘wardens’ of the big white house if we want to escape the confines of the gates.


Now all kidding aside…there is always chores to do..

  • birds to feed…priority one is to make the hummingbird water!!


  • cutting up pvc pipe and taking it to the local dump..


  • forty rows of pear trees need the ‘sucker’s cut off..Doug did about 12 rows  by himself


and once I had all my ‘pink work’ done I went out and gave him a hand with a few more  rows..we will pace ourselves with this task…it doesn’t all need to be done in one day!



there was a momma killdeer who gave Doug a hard time..squawking and flapping..he couldn’t figure out why until he happened upon her collection of eggs..he almost stepped on them..camouflaged in the dirt and grass


We found an abandoned nest in one of the trees too.


and the beehives are here as well..


busy time for the bees..lots of trees to pollinate!

but for now the ‘tools will rest’..marking where we will begin again in the morning..


our boys love life in Keremeos..Tucker runs in the orchard, chasing his ring…he knows the way through the barn and if he is not tied up by the trailer, he will make his way there on his own!!..this of course is not allowed but it has happened once or twice over the years!


Our kitty has embraced life on the farm as well, he loves looking out the screen door..waiting for the barn cat to come on by..


and tonight he discovered the hummingbird feeder’s visitor..this keeps him entertained!..good thing he can’t get at the little guy!



the chores continued…Tucker came to help on this Monday  morning..


I discovered a few strange things  stuck in the pear trees..

a rock?


and the remnants of an axe.. I guess someone many years ago  thought he would chop down the tree and the handle broke off..amazing how Mother Nature will grow around whatever gets in her way?


‘down the rabbit hole’?


row on row of sprinkler heads were straightened as we went along..


the barn cat wanted a ride in the wheelbarrow..


in the ‘bone yard’ at the back of the property sit these old saw horses..built by Doug’s Dad many years ago..


I cut some lilac branches to bring inside the the fragrance of these beautiful blooms!


One thing about staying here is that when it gets warm outside we don’t have enough power to run the air conditioner so we improvise with a works to keep the trailer a bit cooler and at least blows the air around!


this afternoon Doug crossed one more thing off his ‘to do list’..wash his brother’s truck…


Tucker found his ‘spot’ under the trailer for his afternoon nap..


and I made a greek salad for our dinner..



another warm day is upon us..Tuesday already?

I spent the morning filing our income tax on line..don’t know for sure if I did it correctly but I am sure the ‘government’ will make sure that ‘everyone’ gets their fair share..

I also did a two loads of laundry…utilizing the warm weather and the clothes line!!..sure won’t take long for it to dry today!!


Doug had a couple more chores to do today..

Cut some kindling..preparation for the winter



and he also washed the other vehicle of the Riverside Orchard Fleet!



Karen discovered we have a new ‘neighbour’..they are busy setting up there new ‘abode’…too bad they are going to be evicted by midnight!


so long ‘Mr. and Mrs. Wasp and all your little ‘wasp-ettes!’

Wednesday morning dawned with beautiful blue sky and warm temperatures again..but today we have been granted a ‘pass’ to be released from behind the gates.. We had a destination in mind…


about 30 kilometers west of Keremeos is the small town of Hedley and then about five more minutes along Highway 3 is a ‘must stop’,,

Doug’s Homestead..home of the best pepperoni and beef jerky!


We have stopped here numerous times over the past few years…

nothing like fresh made pepperoni…

They have what they call the ‘pepperoni game’..they put one stick on the scale and tell you the cost…you then guess what the total will be once they add the rest of the purchase..

I had guessed $12.39 for ours..


the total price was $12.42..if I would have guessed would have been free!! 3 cents out!! geeze!!


We made a quick stop at the dog park..


last time we were here it was covered in snow..


what a difference a few months make…


  1. You are definitely keeping busy!

  2. You can now buy fake Wasp Nests at the dollars stores. Simply hang them in an area and it keeps the real ones away. They are territorial and won't go around another nest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Wow, it looks so beautiful there and it seems like you are having summertime temperatures already.

    I love all the trees in bloom, they are so pretty. Tucker is certainly enjoying himself.

    They should have given you a little something for your guess, you were so so close!

  4. So beautiful with all the blossoms...with such great springtime weather! Looks like you have definitely been kept busy.

    3 cents out on your purchase?!! Geez is right! And I thought I was close on my guess...ha!

    Enjoy your time with family!

  5. Busy, busy, busy. Glad you were able to take a little time out for an adventure.

  6. Love lilacs, there is no better smell than fresh cut bundles to lien up an RV. Tucker looks very happy, too.


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