Saturday, April 30, 2016

…Rockin’ and Rollin’

April 30, 2016

It’s time to leave the safety of Keremeos..time to move on and

get on with the next phase of our life..


Of course this phase involves working for the camping season.. but we are okay with that..we are looking forward to a new park and  new ways of doing things..


We are ready to roll and head out of the gates of Riverside Orchard..too bad Ron parked both tractors blocking our way out..


many thanks yet again for letting us call ‘your home our home’, Ron and Karen….see you in October!!

We had one stop to make before we could get on the way..the ‘dreaded sani-dump’ in Keremeos…the ‘bane of our existance..we have a few issues when ‘dumping here’ over the past year..but today we seem to have remedied the problem..longer sewer hose and don’t park so close to the sewer hole..


By 9:00 we were on our way..down the familar highway..’bucking the wind’..


it most certainly wasn’t an easy drive….cross winds, headwinds and a very bumpy road..

one quick stop at our usual ‘pepperoni’ store..


We turned off at the town of Princeton..

Mile zero of Highway 5


We stopped here to check things on the trailer and have a quick bathroom break..I had never noticed this marker before..


About 75 kilometers along Highway 5A..a windy, two lane highway with some elevation change..



One left turn  onto the ‘Okanagan Connector’..and Hamilton Hill brake check was our last stop heading into the town of Merritt..



It was strange to be back in Merritt..a familiar town with lots of memories..Not this time Merritt…Onwards…we have a different destination this year..


our turn off..heading towards Logan Lake..more climbing but a bit more gradual of an elevation change rather than taking the Coquihalla Highway..


another bumpy road..seems to be the theme today..sure hope I packed everything away properly..


Turn right at the stop sign..Logan Lake..turn left, Ashcroft..go straight across the road..Tunkwa Lake Road..


..we lost our cell signal about 5 kilometers in..this will be the reality for the next six months..


another compound for us..this one surrounded with barbwire..

Dave and Sherry are the managers here at Tunkwa..and we are the new neighbors and new workers…..We have water, power, satelllite tv and ‘park internet’..and an outhouse just on the other side of the fence..


within a few hours of arriving we were basically set up..there will be some more adjusting done tomorrow but for now we are good…


no view of the lakes but that’s okay..we are here to work so I am sure we will see it plenty of times..

our phones are now being used as ‘paper weights’ you can see they say ‘no service’!!



We went for a drive before dinner to have a look at the park..

this is Tunkwa Lake..


and the other lake is  Leighton..


so there you have it…our new ‘home’ for the camping season..

If you are ever in the neighborhood please be sure to come on by..a little rustic camping is good for the soul..041


  1. Holy cow, you are waaaay out there. I can handle being without Internet for a couple of days, maybe a week, but not for 6 months. I guess you'll have to suss out the nearest "phone booth" area where you know you can connect, then drag your lawn chair up there. :) Have a great summer and camping season!

  2. Your trailer always looks so cozy. I am interested in the details about this summer's jobs and sightseeing, so I hope you will be able to post blogs when you find wifi or a cell signal. Good luck with your new jobs and new park!

  3. What a beautiful day...and start to the season! Enjoy!

  4. I don't think we would do well without good cell connection for more than a day or two. Not that what we do online is all that significant, nor do we have many phone calls. We will not be connected for a few weeks at the end of June when we go up into Ontario, and I'm already making a mental list of what I have to have done before that. I hope you can post a few times here and there. Enjoy your new home!

  5. Looks like you've found another perfect spot for the summer if you don't count no cell service. Of course, that can be a blessing sometimes! :c)

  6. Her is hoping you have a great time there:)


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