Friday, April 29, 2016

and the wind continues to blow..

April 27-29, 2016

We only have three more days till we head off to our Summer 2016 adventure..003so there is still more chores to be done..

Doug washed the truck..while I did a couple loads of laundry…


and he  also organized the items in the garage, getting them ready to load in the truck..we are planning on travelling a bit lighter this season!

We  contributed to the local ‘cat lady’..dropping off our refundable bottles and also we made a donation to the ‘Bargain Center’…we had a few items that we no longer were in need hopefully they will go to a good home..


Wednesday night dinner we went to the Benja Thai Bistro on Main street in Keremeos..


Our dinner companions were Lorraine and Greg..They have been Park Operators for the past few years, but most recently they worked at Kettle River Provincial Park..the one that was in the middle of the Rock Creek Forest Fire last summer..


It was interesting to talk with them about their experiences and to learn how different BC park contracters operate their parks…The campers that were camping at this park during the fire were very lucky that the group of workers had meetings every week with regards to ‘exit plans’ in case of an emergency..everyone knew what their role was and the calmness of the staff more than likely made what could have a been a ‘deadly situation’ have a good outcome…

Thanks for meeting us Lorraine and Greg..enjoy your summer working  at Twin Lakes!

Thursday morning there was a few farm chores to do and then we headed into Penticton for  some shopping and a ‘lunch/breakfast date’ with Russ and Barb..our former neighbors from Nkmip RV Park..

Tim Hortons was of course, the choice for our ‘date’..we chatted for a while over our coffee…everyone is heading off in different directions so it was nice to have one more visit before we all embark for the season..


Friday.. is our last full day in Keremeos..the wind is howling per usual..perfect day for one last load of laundry..should be dry in no time!

Hamburger soup in the crock pot for dinner..our ‘Last Supper’ with Ron and Karen..

I used my Pioneer Woman Cookbook


Her recipes are easy to follow along, I just improvised a bit and use the crockpot..



lots of vegetables to chop..


ready to go…sure hope it tastes okay!


This afternoon I also ‘cleaned the oven’..



it’s not perfect but it will do for now..


We loaded up the truck with our garage items..

only a few last minute items tomorrow to load in..

Doug put the hitch back on the truck..


The wheels will be rolling in the time you hear from us we will be about 220 kilometers from Keremeos..

Tunkwa Provincial Park…our work camping gig for 2016..the land of no cell service or mobile internet, but that’s okay we will be busy working…


                 stay tuned for more once we get settled….


  1. Enjoy your new gig, I hope it is fun for you guys. Also hope we will get up to visit you this summer.

  2. Sounds like you have been busy getting ready to go! Lots of luck in your new gig this summer...we'll see you there for a visit!

    All the very safe tomorrow!

  3. Good luck with your new adventure, hopen you don't get any Internet withdrawal symptoms! :c)

  4. Seems as though it would be hard to be somewhere all summer without a connection. We are all so spoiled, especially with families scattered. Internet and phone is how I keep track of all my kids and grandkids! Travel safe and have a great summer!


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