Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When something old is new again?

April 23-26, 2016

After sitting still all winter in Osoyoos, I honestly felt like I lost my ‘blogging mojo’..everyday seemed the same..we were just living our life and the day to day stuff just didn’t seem all that blog worthy…


Oh don’t get me wrong, our winter was fine..we enjoyed the ‘down time’ and meeting new people.


We had said many times that if we were still in our condo it would have been a long, lonely winter..there is no way we would have met as many people and for that we are most grateful..nothing like the rving life to make new friends!


Funny how ‘new’ surroundings seem to bring back the ‘blogging creativity’ and the camera gets the ‘dust blown off’…


Heading into the big city of Penticton today..why??..well we need some groceries and there is a RV show on at the Penticton Event Center…

We were suppose to go yesterday, opening day of the RV show with our former neighbors from Nk’mip RV Park but we had a few chores that needed to get done so we had to decline the invite…sorry guys..hope you had fun without us!!

Today we are taking  a day off…we are going to make the most of it!!..that was the plan anyway..Do you ever have those kinds of days where nothing seems to go right?..today was that kind of day!

  • I forgot the memory card for the camera..ok fine..I will use my phone instead..


  • we stopped for gas..Doug couldn’t get his Petro Points card to work..fine..I will fix it when we get home..

RV show was our next stop….



There was a few ‘shiny very expensive rv’s on display..for a small RV show it was okay..we were glad it only cost $5 each and the parking was free!

..the London Aire was ‘on sale’ for $750,000 ..regular price $826,000..

IMG_1629 (1)IMG_1639

..nothing that ‘fits’ our needs or our bank account!

..onwards to our errands..

  • one HDPVR pickup at London drugs..now we need to find a new 50 foot co-axle cable..three stops at three different dollar stores..no luck?..
  • Walmart was our next stop..we needed a loonie for the cart..so we had to wait in the very slow line at the customer service counter…the cashiers are not allowed to open their registers..fine..I will purchase a pack of gum..wrong price rang in..the cashier suggests we go to the customer service counter again to get our money back..geeze!..all we want is a LOONIE!..

…no co-axle cable here either..sold out..one of the Walmart employee suggests all the places we had already tried…but there is a garage sale down the street..you could try there?…SERIOUSLY?

..we finally finish our grocery shopping….the cashier rings through our order and the cash receipt she hands me has gotten caught in the register..and NO they cannot reprint it for me..its all wrinkled..and folded…and part of the items we purchased are missing.

Now for some it would not be a ‘huge deal’,,but I am the ‘queen of receipts’..I like to document our monthly expenses in my ‘handy dandy budget binder’..so now I have an incomplete receipt..FINE!

..one last stop will be at Canadian Tire..still in search of that ever elusive cable..finally we had success..too bad it cost over $40..

..Do you want lunch?..NO.. I just want to go home!..needless to say it was a quiet ride home..

The HDPVR installation went okay..considering how our day went..even though we had to call three times once was a ‘call back that never happened..next time Doug had a 30 second conversation with the tech support and the call dropped....called back again..waited again for more than 20 minutes and finally we success!..Shaw Direct was busy today!

..so glad to see the end of this day…we went out for dinner with Ron and Karen..destination the small town of Hedley..there is a great restaurant called the Hitching Post…


We, most certainly ordered a ‘drink’..two paralyzers!..and the stack of beef for dinner!!..delicious..and a great end to a not so perfect day!


Sunday morning we had a bit of rain..but this afternoon the sun is shining…We spent the morning inside..cleaned a few closets..packed away some jackets that will be staying behind..

I made ‘breakfast for dinner’ for the four of us..French Toast and Sausages…usually we have it on Sunday mornings when we are here but Ron and Karen had to go into Kelowna this morning….there was a rain and wind storm this evening so we made the mad dash to ‘big white house’ with the hot food..the storm was short lived as usual, here in windy Keremeos..

We have a new ‘friend for Tucker’..isn’t he cute?..Tucker is not too sure about him..his job is to ‘light the way’..


Monday ..start of yet another week..

not much going on..just a housework and laundry kind of day..

Doug helped Karen set up the sprinklers in the horse pastures while Ron is at work..


and I made a dessert to go with the Ham dinner that Karen is preparing..


It is an old recipe from way back that my Mom use to make.…I make it at least once a month..it’s one of those ‘go to recipes’ when I can’t think of anything else to make..and I always have the ingredients on hand..easy peasy comfort food..



..ready to go in the oven…yes, I use my RV oven…Do you?


Tuesday…yet another sunny but windy day..we even needed to use the furnace this morning..it was a ‘balmy 8 degrees in the trailer and even ‘warmer outside’ at 5 degrees…

It wasn’t long before the temperature was back to more semblance of normal..

Breakfast and coffee done..watched our usual morning shows and it was time to get to work..

We have been having some issues with ‘someone’ eating the ‘cat food’ either when we are sleeping or if we happen to forget to pick the bowl  up off the floor when we leave the ‘boys’ alone..

IMG_1591 (1)IMG_1594 (1)

So Doug decided to remedy this ‘issue’…

He made a small rustic table, of sorts, to fit over the litter box..


fits perfectly with a bit of ‘improvising’ to accomodate the

small black box in the corner of the slide..


..a nice place to enjoy some ‘cat kibble...you’re welcome, PO!  Enjoy the view, little boy..by this time next week there will be a new one!!


  1. Yep, sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. We have had some lousy days in the Hiker..but the good ones outnumber the bad!!

  2. Public Shaming! Poor Tucker. When do you go back to work?

  3. I know what you mean about the blogging while just sitting. Really hard to do. I was so afraid that you were going to say the restaurant was closed after the day you had. Glad you got to relax and enjoy.

  4. Don't you hate it when you have "that kind of day"? Good thing they don't happen often!

    Love Tucker's "new friend"...too cute!

    Good 'fix' for Tucker's indiscretion...hope you enjoy it, Po!

    And lastly...thanks for your coffee cake recipe, Sue! I've saved that in my recipes folder. Will have to give it a try and hope it turns out as good as yours!

    Enjoy your last week in Keremeos...onto new adventures! xo

  5. Yep, we have had many days like that when we go into Swift Current on our weekly outing from the park and by lunch time we have usually had enough. Some of the trips in go more smoothly than others.

    Know what you mean about the receipts, we are totally the same, we keep every one of them and then record them at the end of the day. We also always check the receipt before leaving because there is almost always a wrong price charged and it is usually in their favour.

    Doug did a great job on the kitty table, it looks like it will cure Tucker's problem.

    Thanks for the recipe, I will give it a try but I will substitute my gluten free flour blend for the regular flour.


  6. I think I would have liked to see the inside of that little armadillo trailer.

  7. And you thought there was nothing to write about! You have been very busy.
    If Tucker continues to get the kibble maybe adding a two sided fence below window level an Po won't mind the extra challenge but it should discourage Tucker.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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