Friday, May 6, 2016

and the work begins…

May 4-6, 2016

Heading into the city of Kamloops this morning..

Its about an hour from the park  so were gone by 9:00 am..


We have a list of things we need to get and do..just the normal shopping stops..

  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Canadian Tire

and the Brandywine office..we have a delivery that we have to do for Sherry and some employment papers that we need to fill was nice to see Janice again!

We even made time to stop for lunch at Triple O’s..


Dave and Sherry have a household freezer and they are kind enough to allow us to use it as well..made the shopping a bit easier and we were able to stock up on a few more items than we would have  not normally bought.

The small rv fridge/freezer combos are just that..small! Sure I can be creative when it comes to freezer’s amazing what you can squeeze in when you repackage the meat into small packets..


In the compound, there is a tent shelter and inside is a ‘pot belly’ stove….a warm place to sit when its cold and wet outside..and today it was rainy and windy when we got home..


I took this picture  when the sun was need for a fire tonight!

This is also where the ‘boys’ have their coffee meetings every morning..discussing whatever ‘men’ discuss when women aren’t around..


May 5, 2016 was the start of another work week..yes I know we only worked two days so far but we have to ‘start somewhere’!

Doug went into Logan Lake with Brian, the volunteer, this morning..they were on a ‘garbage dump mission’.. as long as the weather co-operates we continue to paint the picnic tables over at North Leighton..we still had 10 to complete today and a few posts that were in need of a coat of paint..We even painted the Tunkwa Park sign this afternoon and one table that was in dire need of a coat of paint over at Tunkwa..there is a couple more that need doing but the campsites are occupied at this time so we will have to wait until the campers leave..

Tucker spent the morning with us, another ‘take your dog to work day’..he only lasts till lunch time and then we take him back home..

I couldn’t find the camera this morning when we headed out..but found it later under the back seat of the truck!


May 6, 2016

Today was another beautiful day, once the weather warmed was –5 celcius this morning when Doug got up..but before long as usual the sun was up and the water hose was thawing yet again..

We continued to paint today..just a few signs to get done..


we have become quite familiar with the ‘manual russett paint’..this is can #6..


..the fish are spawning..


and the hawks are fishing..




there was a ‘strange bug’ we found today..I thought it was a June Bug?..but it’s only May?


Our other job today was to weed around all the cement pads that the picnic tables sit on.



it is an arduous task but with views like this, it makes it much easier..quite the views from our ‘office window’..


..the dandelions are winning this battle at the moment…


but we will persevere..maybe we will win the war with them?  But right now the score is ‘dandelions—1 Doug and Sue -- 0’


  1. They sure are lucky to have you two hard workers. Love your office view.

  2. Beauty view guys, but that -5 in the AM just isn't cutting it for me ;) We've had +5 - +10 in the AM and hot damn, it was about 25 this afternoon. But to make you feel better... we use that blah blah russet paint too ;)

  3. Work, work, work. Sure glad those gorgeous views make it enjoyable.

  4. Looks like you've been having nice weather, although a tad bit cool in the morning! And yes, great views from your office window!

  5. Hey Doug and Susan! Exciting to be back at it! No moon and clear skies tonight so enjoy the stars and meteors. The moth on the post is a Sphinx moth. Lots of them here in Nelson flying around the street lights at night. I'm going to put up another BlogSpot page for our bicycle tour around Iceland (Reed and I) so I have to teach myself blogger again. Its changed a little. Keep the posts coming Susan.

  6. I'd say that's an eagle there doing the fishing!

  7. What a beautiful spot you have there.but that cold weather and I would part ways soon..The older I get, the colder I get...


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