Tuesday, May 3, 2016


May 1-3, 2016

Our first full day here at Tunkwa..I woke up at 3:30 this morning and the temperature inside the trailer was a balmy 4 degrees and outside it was –3.1..needless to say I put the little heater on..brrr…I thought we were done with the cold weather..

No running water this morning either ….good thing Doug filled the water tank yesterday…

By mid morning the hose was unthawed and we were unfrozen..water was flowing again!

We spent the day getting the rest of our site organized..


Our keeper of the light received a new addition to his perch..one horseshoe..sure hope it brings us some good luck!!

Doug hung up the hummingbird feeders…


Sherry has paved the way for the hummingbirds already..so it was easy to get a few visitors..

We went for a walk down to the boat launch..the lake was nice and calm..


Tucker, of course went for a swim..his first of the season..



There is no cell service but there is a ‘pay phone’!!


..the rates here are a bit cheaper than what we are use to..$18 a 005

night..$9 for seniors till mid  June and then the discounted rate returns after Labour Day for the seniors..


There is no showers or flush toilets but there is outhouses and pump water..


We had an impromptu staff meeting this afternoon, enjoying the warm sunshine while discussing the work plans for the next few days…Work starts tomorrow for us..

Our contractor  had delivered our uniforms to Dave and Sherry a few days ago..they were a bit wrinkled but I brought out the iron this evening and made them look a bit more presentable..


so as the sun sets on this 1st day of May..we are looking forward to getting back to work….

May 2, 2016..our first official day of work..

a few facts about Tunkwa Provincial Park

  • elevation 3700 feet
  • 275 campsites
  • no reservations/ all sites first come first serve
  • 25 outhouses
  • two man-made  lakes..Tunkwa and Leighton
  • listed in the  provincial top 10 for Rainbow Trout

So what does one do on their first day?

I helped Sherry with the cleaning of the outhouses and she gave me a tour of the campgrounds..

Doug spent the morning with Dave learning the ins and outs of the running of the park..and they also started a painting the tables over at Leighton North..there is 33 tables  to paint so we had better get busy!


We got our new ‘vehicle’..it’s a ‘noisy beauty’..


..sure won’t be able to be stealth in this..those ‘noisy campers’ will hear us a mile away!!

Once I was done with the bathrooms, Sherry dropped me off with Doug to help with the painting..

..scrape the tables  first…


then use the blower to get rid of the paint flakes..


and then we apply the paint…it takes about 20 minutes to do each table..

Dave nicknamed us ‘ The Flapping Paint Brushes’….


..it was a warm day so we had packed a small cooler with water..it was very much needed..


..we were able to head ‘home for lunch’..a nice treat to go back to the trailer and have the air conditioner running..


Sherry showed me how she completes ‘month end’.. {the collecting of fees started on April 22}…all the statistics of how many nights the park was occupied needs to be documented and submitted to the office in Kamloops..she said it was not too difficult and she was right…parts of it were familar from last season so that was good!!

May 3, 2016..

It’s someone’s birthday today!..yes, Doug’s birthday today and it’s also Dave’s too..we thought he was kidding but Sherry confirmed it....what a strange coincidence!!

Hopefully the birthday boys won’t get into too much trouble !!


We had more tables to paint today..Tucker enjoyed the ‘take your dog to work day’..


He swam with the geese..chased his ring..chewed on a stick..all in all he had a good day…


It was a shorter work day today..we were done by 2:00..there was a storm coming in..so we only managed to get 10 tables done and three posts..


The birthday afternoon was spent indoors..watching tv and relaxing..and one load of laundry was completed..I even baked a chocolate cake! No birthday is complete without CAKE!!


We skyped with Carlie and Adam this evening..nice to see them both…thanks for helping Doug blow out the candle!! hopefully next month we will see them in person!!

Happy Birthday Doug!!

So there you have a recap of our first three days of May!..stay tuned for more from Tunkwa when we have some time!!


  1. Very nice that you chose a park with lakes for Tucker to swim in!

  2. An iron!!!! Haven't seen one of them for awhile. Happy birthday Doug. Have a great summer. I know Tucker will.

  3. Don't you have to keep Tucker on a leash? At almost all US parks you would. Especially since you are working there. Or was this an area where other campers could also come and let their dogs run? We had Labs, and I can't imagine taking them to a place with water, without letting them off leash for a swim. Labs and Goldens belong in water!

  4. New spot for you guys?? It's amazing how chilly the mornings can be then you need the air conditioner in the afternoon!

  5. For a second there I thought it was $18 for a call on that pay phone. That would be a lot of coins! :cD

  6. Wow, you two got to work in earnest. It does look like a nice place to spend your spring, summer and fall. Good luck with the season.

    And Happy Birthday Doug!


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