Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Highway to ‘hurry up and wait?’

May 9-11, 2016

Today Doug was busy mowing over at Leighton Lake Campground..he got to borrow Dave’s ‘ride’..


While he was busy with his chores I was given the task of cleaning all the bathrooms..25 of these lovely pit toilets..


and also did some weeding and cleaning a few campsites..


we had a quick storm blow in this afternoon..


but it didn’t last too long…

May 10..

We have a new ‘calling’…today we were Park Operators that turned into ‘house painters’….maybe not a real house but the cabin in the compound was in need of a new coat of paint..

Doug started his day off by painting the gable end to the tool/garage shed..I missed the opportunity to get a before photo but the big brown wall was unpainted when he started out..


The tools of our ‘trade’ today was the usual ‘brown park paint’ and just to mix things up a bit we even had a can of ‘park issue green’ for the trim..


I started with painting the window trims…being extra careful not to get paint on the windows!


and the dart board, too..


while Doug worked on the ‘brown’..


the door to the cabin got a fresh coat of paint too..


one good thing about working in the compound all day was the fact that Tucker could be outside with us..he had a great day..the official ‘compound greeter’!!

Dave came home for lunch and Tucker discovered he had ‘cheese’ on his sandwich!!


We worked through the afternoon..even painted the ‘laundry room shed’..


..we have one more wall and window to paint but we will save that for Thursday!!..


that’s enough for one its time to get those paint brushes clean!!

May 11..

Today was a day where we realized that one thing about this ‘roving lifestyle’ that can be a problem is when you are in need of some medical assistance..

Last month we had gone to the Penticton knee was giving me some grief..the service there was speedy and xray and a prescription for some ‘arthritis medication’..yes, I am getting old..who would have thought?

Now this week my knee has been acting up again..the medication is long gone I am in need of a new prescription..

We made the decision to drive into Merritt..{there is no clinic  in Logan Lake}.. and visit their hospital..thinking it would be quick if we got there first thing in the morning..

Arriving before 8:00..only one person in front of me in the waiting room..this should be quick?..not to was almost four hours before we were done..


It was okay though..I understand the process in the Emergency’s not who gets there first, it’s who is the sickest..

Doug left me at the hospital  and went off to do some grocery shopping ..may as point in both of us sitting here..

He visited the Merritt Walmart..and lo and behold..there was a big tow truck parked in the lot..

not just any tow truck mind you..if you watch Highway to will recognize this beauty!!

No Jamie Davis in sight, though..too bad!


He visited the usual stops when we go to town..

  • gas station
  • car wash
  • coopers foods
  • canadian tire
  • mark’s workwearhouse

He had lots of time to waste visiting all our familar ‘haunts’ from last year..

When I was finally done we had to head back to Walmart and get the prescription filled and of course, there is road work ..more delays..

We stopped at McDonalds for a quick lunch..


this drive thru is not ‘truck friendly’..but sometimes you just have to have a ‘mango smoothie’!

Time to head home…the rain has started..



one quick stop in Logan Lake to get some copies done and we were home again..

We spent the afternoon inside…the wind was blowing..and the skies were not looking very friendly..


The kitty was being extra ‘cuddly’ this evening..he discovered he has a new ‘purpose’..see all the dirty dishes?


He is good at stopping ‘someone’ from helping to dry the dishes!!


you’re done now Momma? work is complete!


till next time, Po!!


  1. A sore knee is not a good thing. Hope you get some relief. The sheds looks good.

  2. While we were still in Moab on our way home to Montana a young man pedaled up to Michael and asked--"where's the nearest hospital?" It had just come a torrential rain storm and the temps had dropped significantly. A member of their biking group had fallen and had probably broken an arm. I often think of that when I am in a strange place--where is the nearest medical care??? Glad you got a new prescription but it taking four hours--not so great!

  3. Sorry to hear that you are still being plagued with a sore knee...hope it's feeling better.

    Cleaning 25 pit toilets? Yikes! :)

  4. Sounds like you will be jacks of all trades when you are done there:)

  5. Always good to check where the nearest walk in clinic or ER is..not matter where we are, at our extended years!!!

  6. Jamie drivers the rotator, when he's out. That looks like his lead guy's rig.

  7. Ageing is no fun! That's a given when joints become problematic. We hope your knee is feels better.


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