Sunday, May 15, 2016

One of these days is just like the other?

May 12-15, 2016

The days are all melding together it seems…


beautiful weather, hard to fathom that we are living at 3700 feet..cold and clear in the morning…-4 celcius..but warm sunshine during the day..

Po is warming his cold ‘bum’ against the heater this morning..I forgot the camera outside last night, so the lens was a bit ‘foggy’..


Our days are filled with

  • ‘garbage runs’ to the dump..
  • mowing
  • weedwacking


  • latrine duties


  • pulling weeds..and there are lots of them..the dandelions are still winning!


  • ball throwing


  • eagle watching..not too sure who’s watching who?


Friday night is upon us….’Headlight Friday’ as Dave calls it..and the campers are rolling in slowly..another weekend is upon us..this is a very large group that comes to the park every year…amazing how they organize all the trucks and trailers..they are like a small city.. with a wall tent and a poker table too!..some families sure know how to organize an  annual camping trip!!



Saturday was spent doing more painting and repairing picnic tables....the view from our ‘new office area’..


Let me HELP you, Dad?..



We went to the Day Use area and painted the ‘bird poop covered’ sign.. was ‘bumper boats’ out on the lake..


and a plane was doing some practising..


As the park is  in prep mode for the long weekend..Sunday is called ‘Tail light Sunday’ we cleaned all the vacated campsites at Tunkwa..good thing this was the only ‘bad site’..


at least  the rest of the campers were a bit more considerate..


all in a ‘day’s work’…at least the sun was shining..and as we continue to spend time in the campground we are learning where all the sites are located..armed with our ‘hand drawn map’ we are hoping that one day soon we won’t need it anymore..

026021 task that Doug had to do today was tow a camper’s boat trailer down to the boat launch and help him bring it back to his campsite..


Customer service is a big part of why Tunkwa Lake is filled with ‘happy camper’s….Dave and Sherry have created a great atmosphere for the campers, which is why so many of them are repeat customers..We have some ‘big shoes’ to fill but for now we ‘work, watch, learn and  absorb as much information we can…..sure hope we up for the challenge!!


  1. Knowing the routines of the masses will help you get through the season.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Love the geese with their babies!

  3. You and Doug have more energy than McGyver and I do...With that scenery, it would be tempting just to take hikes and bask in the beauty!

  4. Glad to see you guys are getting the place whipped into shape before we arrive! 😜
    See ya soon!

  5. Well at least you are not going to be bored:)

  6. The newness of this park is why the challenge is inviting. Always something new to learn, to experience and to share.

  7. Hi Sue, it's Sunday afternoon again! Are you watching the exodus of weekend campers filing out? :) Very nice looking park, complete with Hummingbirds and Canada Geese families IN Canada! I hope the temps climb to more comfortable levels soon! Happy trails, Kathy


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