Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Peace and Quiet?

May 24-25, 2016

After the mass exit of all the long weekend campers, we are now enjoying some ‘peace and quiet’..with a minimal amount of campers there is time for ‘clean up’ and table repairs…


And of course now that the weekend is over the sun also showed up! least for a while today..we did have a short hail storm but as per usual it didn’t last too long..

Today is also my birthday…just another year older but not any wiser?


…picked up some mail in town and low and behold there were two heartfelt birthday from my parents and the other from my sister..what a lovely surprise!!

We had BBQ’d ribs and greek salad for dinner.


and vanilla ice cream with strawberries and butterscotch sauce for dessert..

007 as the sun sets on another day in ‘paradise’..another year done..onwards to the next..


May 25..

On this day 60 years parents were married….what a fine testament to the idea of staying ‘together’..13265967_1301557303191065_6563456833887776767_n179117_10150978714710896_986635109_n


so very thankful they were ‘born at time when if something is broken you fix it..not throw it away’..they are indeed a true inspiration to all of us..

..Today was also a day off from our park duties..time for  quick road trip…

001004 has been six days since we left the confines of the park..I will be the first to admit that I was feeling a bit anxious as we drove down the highway, travelling at the posted speed limit of 100 kph….why you ask? felt so ‘fast’..after a week of driving around the park at a speed of barely 30 kph….the speed and the cars and trucks were giving me anxiety..I know there is no vehicles in any of the pictures, but trust me, there was traffic!!


We stopped at a small campsite along the route..Steelhead Provincial Park on the shore of Kamloops Lake..


Our actual destination was the small town  about 65 kilometers away..


Welcome to Cache Creek..


..about another kilometer along Highway 97 ..our lunch stop..

Horsting’s Farm..


..a pretty farm that sells flowers, plants, hanging baskets..homemade jams, preserves, and delicious sandwiches and soup…



They have a lovely outdoor patio with a great view..



It was here that we sat at one of the large picnic tables and enjoyed our shared bowl of soup and the two sandwiches we ordered..



one sandwich would have been more than enough to share..we were so full…

Where’s mine Momma?


We did purchase some salt water taffy, a rhubarb strawberry pie to share with our co-workers and some potato buns before we left..would have loved to purchase a hanging basket or even a trinket or two..but I controlled myself..

Hopefully we will be able to go back again before the end of the season..


On our drive back towards Tunkwa, we made a quick stop at Juniper Beach Provincial Park..


It is located on the shore of the Thompson River.. a small park with about 45 sites..




028 as our one day off comes to an end ..we head back to the park..onwards to another work week..hopefully it will be a sunny one!!…stay tuned till next time…



  1. Happy Birthday...looks like you had a good one! And congrats to your, 60 years!
    Horsting's Farm looks like a very cool spot...might have to check it out!
    See you soon!

  2. Happy Birthday Sue! They seem to come faster every year I think.
    I gotta put Horsting's Farm on the list of places to see out that way. It's an area I haven't spent time in.
    Take Care!

  3. Happy Birthday Sue! Did you read the fine print that every birthday as a full timer is counted in reverse? FT RVing adds years to your life! :c)


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