Monday, May 23, 2016

‘Weather or Not?’

May 16-23, 2016

There are days when it seems the only thing there is to write about is the ‘weather’..

Today was a wild and wacky weather day…

from beautiful sunshine..


..these two spots are on the ‘spit’…


..the clouds always make for an interesting photo..


..yes we are in the middle of nowhere..

and then the winds came up and the rain/hail  began..I was trapped in the of our jobs today was to paint the inside walls of the and my can of white paint..riding out the storm..until I could ‘make a break for it’..



within an hour…the skies were blue again..


and then tonight the skies were ‘black’ again..


just another spring storm is upon us..

May 17..

We actually get two days off in a row this week..I think that Dave and Sherry want us ‘fresh and ready to go’ in time for the May Long weekend…

Today is our first day off..and we are off to ‘Loop’..Kamloops that is….

We decided that we would go left instead of right when we got the T in the road out of the park..turning right would take us to Logan Lake..and turning left we would travel the 24 kilometers to the small community of Savona…


a different route to  our destination..


a narrow winding road with lots of hairpin turns..


before long Kamloops Lake came into view..



We did our usual stops and managed to get all the items on our list without straying too far off…it’s always expensive going into town ..good thing we only have to go shopping twice a account is a bit lighter but the cupboards and fridge will be full when we get home!!

May 18..

another day off…not much planned for today…

pancakes for breakfast..



and a quick trip into Logan Lake..I forgot a few things yesterday at the grocery store..

and we stopped at the local post office to see if we had any ‘mail’?,,lo and behold we did…one birthday card for Doug from my sister and her husband..what a nice surprise!!


Tucker came into town with us today..we found a dog park..someone was happy!!


He  had fun doing his usual chasing that  ring..he never leaves home without it!!



can we go home now Dad?..I need my nap?

May 19…

The campers have been coming in all day..slowly setting up in their self -chosen spots on this Thursday before the this evening the park is almost full with May Long Weekend Campers..the busiest weekend of camping ..most have waited all winter for this weekend  of  ‘roughing it’…


Now if only the weather will co-operate..the rains are coming down at the moment..the forecast is not that great but maybe it will be can only hope..

May 20..

the campers keep rolling in…


This evening the park is ‘chocker-block full’..the guys even ‘made a few sites’ to accomodate as many campers as possible..


I am on ‘bathroom detail’ this weekend..9 am..2 pm and 7 pm..100 out-houses per day…


This was the view from the ‘day use area’ is located about 2 kilometers from the park..there is one out-house and a set of garbage cans..


see all the ‘white boxes’?…that would be the front row of sites on the shore of Tunkwa Lake..just a ‘sea of rv’s…

Doug was busy selling firewood and on security patrol….

He  met up with an old high school friend who is here fishing..and even  some campers we met at Monck Park over the past two seasons..nice to see some familar faces!!

Its a small world never know who is going to ‘roll through the gate’..

May 21…

We woke this morning to ‘rain’..a wet day for the campers!..

Doug was  doing a split shift..wood sales and security and I was on ‘bathroom detail’..four rounds today of cleaning the ‘biffys’…the park is full and the outhouses are well used..and then with the rain, the floors were dirty and toilet paper was constantly being replaced..just a busy day for everyone..

I made  chili and buns for dinner to share with everyone..nice to have a meal with our fellow ‘park people’..

Today is also Doug’s brother’s birthday!  Happy birthday Ron!!

May 22..

not much to was a wet, soggy, muddy day..the poor much for a sunny weekend!…there was a bit of  an exit of some ‘wet campers’..but most decided to stay in the hopes that the sun would come out?


May 23…

Last day of the long weekend..let the mass exodus begin…Tail-light Monday..We were stationed at North Leighton to look after the exited sites…

Dave and Sherry treated everyone to pizza for dinner to thank everyone for their hard work this weekend…what a nice surprise!!!



We have a new family of marmots in the park…adding to the large cute!!!

So there you have our past seven days…onwards to the next week!!


  1. You made it through the busy May long weekend...whew! Looks like it was a little soggy. Now it's time to 'turn on' the sunshine!

  2. Glad you survived the long weekend. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I think my solution to cleaning outhouses would be a big ol' pressure washer. Open the door and let 'er rip! Of course it would be tough to keep the TP dry using that method. I think I'd prefer the firewood sales gig.


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