Sunday, June 12, 2016

Changing of the ‘guard?’

June 7-June 12, 2016

Another work week is upon us..filled with bathrooms, weeding, cleaning sites and firepits and a meeting with our contractor..

There will be some changes happening over the next few days..Starting on Thursday we will be taking over the responsibility of Leighton/North Leighton campground..this also means we will be on more hourly rate for us and also no more ‘day’s off’  until after Thanksgiving once Thursday arrives..

We will be responsible for the bathrooms, maintenance, site cleaning and the biggest thing is the collecting…this also involves keeping the attendance and balancing the Mcbees..

This evening we were invited to Steve and Dianne’s for dinner..she prepared a delicious lasagana, cesar salad, garlic bread


… and of course  there was wine, and this very yummy vodka flavoured espresso…now I am not a coffee drinker but this was vodka was pretty darn ‘smooth’…a little too smooth if you get my drift…

June 8…

Our last offical day off until we leave the park in the middle of October…

I made a bacon, eggs and hashbrowns breakfast..


Doug went fishing with Steve…the two of them had a great time on the lake..Steve catching six fish and Doug caught five…not bad for five hours of fishing!!






Dianne and I went  into the big town of Logan Lake, while the men were out on the lake…

we had a few stops to make..

post office

grocery store

liquor store

and the bank…

We were back at the park within a couple of hours..Dianne came over in the afternoon, bringing with her, her laptop..she was hoping she could download ‘The Outlander’ series of books onto my ipad..but after spending most of the afternoon trying to get the two computers to communicate she had no luck…I may just have to purchase the books myself..

The men returned from the day of fishng at about 3 and we headed back over to the Colibaba’s campsite for a campfire,


and hotdogs…


and s’mores for dessert..


a great ‘last official day off’…thanks for the company today!!!

June 9…

Today is our first full day of being responsible for Leighton/ North Leighton Campgrounds…34 sites..not that large, we know but it is ‘famous’ for having very large groups camping in ‘circle the wagons’ kinds of groups..

I will admit that the two of us were a bit ‘uptight’ this morning…but by the time we got going everything seemed to fall into place..

It was chilly today…Doug had to  dig out the small heater again..and of course the kitty thinks it’s a fireplace..


We did the usual work related duties..and this afternoon we painted the inside of one of the outhouses…only 7 more to go..


..and we also did the collecting….it wasn’t too bad for our first day…we wound up listening to the hockey game on the radio while we waited for campers to be ready for us to come and collect…too bad Pittsburgh lost tonight..

The osprey were busy fishing tonight!!..


..the McBee’s are balanced, attendance done and the cleaning  list for tomorrow is ready to go…

June 10..

It was a mixed bag of weather today..filled with our usual duties..

Steve and Dianne came by at lunch time to pick up Tucker for his nice to have our own personal ‘dog walker/kitty sitter’..

Dianne is also a ‘computer whiz’..she assisted me with loading the excel program on the computer…A much needed item for filling out the ‘online forms’ that the contractor wants us to do..

I will still do it the way Sherry showed me how with pen and paper but this ‘computer stuff’ is an added task that needs to  be completed at the end of every month..

We cleaned a few sites today and I discovered a ‘petrified frog?’


Wonder if he was a ‘senior frog’..shocked into ‘petrified form’  by the price increase for seniors beginning on June 15?

When we are out collecting in the evening, we park ourselves at the ATV offload area over at North gives us a good vantage point of both campgrounds..we can  see who is coming in and it makes the colllecting a bit easier..not a bad view from our ‘office’…


The marmots kept us company..and entertained too…


..just another day at work…with views like this it’s pretty hard to think of this as a ‘place of work?’

008 as our McBee fills up…the day is done at just before 9 pm..anyone else that comes in after that  we will collect from them tomorrow..

June 11..

We are starting to notice that Saturdays seem to be a quieter day..all the campers have settled in for the weekend and most of them have also paid until Sunday..

There is a new ‘horse area’ being built over at Tunkwa..the beginning of the process is the removal of some of the fencing..


the ‘golden bums’ are getting bigger..



Steve and Dianne came by for a visit and there just happened to be fresh made cinnamon buns just out of the oven…Dianne took Tucker for a walk later in the afternoon…she has a fit-bit gadget that is keeping her motivated..Tucker doesn’t quite grasp the concept of getting 10,000 steps in one day..but she is trying to convince him to do a couple laps around the campground…but he has his days where all he wants to do is ‘come back home’…

June 12..

Tail light Sunday …mass exodus…

We woke to no power, water or internet this was really of no surprise though..we were warned this was going to happen today…

This ‘roughing it’ was short lived 7:45 we were back ON!..heater going, Keurig machine running and the internet back on..’dry camping is tough’..

On our way to Leighton this morning..we spotted  a deer at the side of the road..


zoom in …there she is..


just before lunch time we spotted this ‘ lady dressed in pink’…


‘nice dog!!’…enjoy your walk Tucker and Auntie Dianne!!

and that’s it for the last five days…Sunday night dinner was barbecued hamburgers…hockey game on the TV…one more round of collecting and the work day is done…


We all know how hard it is to keep a blog interesting when we are  parked in one place and of course, to me it seems that everyday is the same…so I just want to say thank you for continuing to read along..

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins!!


  1. Congrats guys for taking on the management - aka 24/7 all consuming never a day of rest position. I kind of miss McBees ;) I like the collecting and chatting with folks. And it is nice when Sr days are over and it's just one fee. I used to ask folks if anyone was brave enough to claim Sr status. Sometimes some folks look way younger, and then there are those you'd willingly give Sr rate to, and they are spring chickens!! Best of wishes for the season. I can't say as I'm totally disappointed with sitting in an office and making reservations on the RV park program. This afternoon once all our reservations were in, we skipped out and golfed 18 holes!!

  2. I notice you refer to the "big town of Logan Lake", you really should spend more time here, you would come to see that it is a welcoming, friendly place with lots to do.
    Don't forget to catch the July 1st celebrations!!!

    1. Hi Marie..thanks for reading our blog..the close proximity of Logan Lake to our 'work place', Tunkwa Lake was one of the reasons we chose this park..we would love to come to the July 1st celebrations if only the park work didn't get in the way...
      and yes every store we have been to in town has been most welcoming..we love small town living!!

  3. Congrats on the new job. We know that you will be able to handle it. Definitely looking forward to reading of your adventures, even the day to day going ons that's called life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

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  5. It's great spending what limited time you have with us. Glad Doug finally caught some fish! 😜 guys got power and water. That's not dry camping!

  6. That painting the outhouses looks like no fun, but it's one of those must do jobs, kudos for getting it done!

  7. You two are amazing..I'm not sure I could do all the things you are suppose to do...but...camping makes it easier. I love my fiver and really miss living in it!!


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