Monday, June 6, 2016

Makin’ a break for it?

June 1-June 6, 2016

As we embark on a new month here at begins with a ‘day off’ from park duties…

We left  before 9 am to head into Kamloops for our usual shopping excursion..

..we had to follow a slow moving ‘toothpick’ truck on the way to Logan lake..


..a quick stop at the local post office to see if we have any mail?..and yes we did!!..birthday cards for both of us..


thanks Brenda and Ken..this year our birthdays seem to go on forever…

onwards to Kamloops..

005 was a lovely day for  a drive into the ‘big city’ I won’t bore you with all the details of our shopping…we even went out for lunch..what a treat!!…two costco hotdogs, drinks and fries..all for under $7..

We were back at the park just after 1:00 pm..


an uneventful day other than the ‘cow- jam’ on Tunkwa Lake Road..

007008 day  is done…back to work tomorrow..

June 2..

a gorgeous day, other than the wind….


white caps on the lake and the wind has been relentless and is still blowing this evening..

We spent the day doing our usual jobs and we also replaced a few boards on some of the tables ..and of course added the ‘park issue brown paint’..


Tucker ‘made a break for it’ this afternoon…I had left the compound with the truck to go and clean  the bathrooms…I made to my first stop and this ‘golden houdini’ was standing at the door of the truck? quite proud of himself that he found me?..what the heck?


needless to say the ‘prisoner was  returned’..I guess he missed his Momma?..good thing I had not gone too far ..if I had driven to Leighton Lake first he would have had a long 2 kilometer run..


Steve and Dianne returned from their three day  trip to the coast this afternoon so we went over for  a visit when our work day was done….it was an impromptu ‘happy hour’…nice to see their smiling faces back in the park!!!

June 3…

another work day…

duties included the usual bathrooms, site cleaning weed-wacking, weeding and a staff meeting…the transition/changing of the guards is still in the planning stages.. and there is a meeting with our contractor on Tuesday so we all wanted to have a meeting before the real meeting..

We also delivered the big water tank to the horse corral site over at North Leighton..


Steve and Dianne came over for dinner..we made barbecued hamburgers with salad and chips on the side..and wine and beer, of course..


a nice Friday night spent with friends..


We are heading to the coast in the morning for  a couple of days…some doctor appointments and family visits…

Dianne is kind enough to look after the kitty while we are away…even though he is pretty self sufficent he can be needy!!


Last time we were in the Vancouver area was the end of last August so we are looking forward to a ‘short vacation’…


June 4..

Today is the day..after 10 months of living our life in the southern interior of British Columbia we are heading back where we came from….no it’s not for good..just a for a few days of ‘vacation time’..


We left the park just before 8:00 am and headed towards the town of Merritt quick stop for a ‘drive thru’ breakfast at the local Mc Donalds and we headed south on the Coquihalla Highway..


reaching the summit of over 4000 feet… and then heading down the other side…down Smasher Hill and through the tunnel..


We stopped in Hope for a quick bathroom break and within an hour or so..we made the ‘all to familiar crossing over the Port Mann Bridge…’home again?’….back to the land of traffic and lots of people!!


Our first ‘stop’ was to drop Tucker off at his old ‘stomping grounds’…Uptown Dawg…he will be staying here.. playing with his ‘peeps’ until Monday …we handed him over to the girls and there was ‘no look back at  Mom and Dad’…he was off to have fun!!!   See you in a couple days ‘buddy’!!!


now some of you may be wondering about our other ‘boy’? PO?..also known as OIiver....well he is in good hands..Auntie Dianne is looking after him..she sent us this photo..Carlie called it  a ‘POFIE’.. A Po-selfie..he looks none the worse for wear..He is enjoying the companionship and Dianne is enjoying our air-conditioner….

10171120_10152046022315896_8514744644239788361_n (1)

We had a list of items we needed to get so we were off to Walmart, Canadian Tire, Mark’s Workwearhouse and the Dollar Store…

One thing we did notice other than the amount of people and how busy it is..was the ‘warm sunshine’!!! was hot outside!!!

Once our shopping was complete we went into Coquitlam to visit with my  parents for a couple of hours…we hadn’t seen them since last July when they visited us at  Monck Park last summer..It was nice to have some time together to catch up ..Dad made some sandwiches for lunch and before long it was time to go…hopefully we will see them this summer when they come to Tunkwa Provincial Park  to see our ‘home for the season’…

This afternoon we headed back over the Port Mann bridge..toll number 2..we are staying at a hotel in Langley, near Carlie and Adam…


just a local Travelodge on the Fraser Highway..only $84 a night011012

the room is clean…the bed is comfy and we have a great view of the gas station across the highway..


..but the best thing is  it’s air conditioned and the price per night also includes a free breakfast!!

We  went to visit Adam and Carlie..bringing with us a few drinks, some appys and a dessert…time for the Pittsburgh Penguins/ San Jose Sharks game…too bad the the Pens lost in OT…sorry Adam….and then we also watched the UFC Fights……a nice late afternoon/ evening visit…


‘an early father’s day card for Doug’..thanks are the best daughter ever!!

We were back at the hotel just after 10:00…our first day on the coast is now complete…

June 5.

Sunday morning we relaxed at the hotel…enjoying our ‘free’ breakfast and we picked Carlie and Adam up at 9:30..our plan for today was to go and play ‘golf’…well not exactly a real golf game but a version  of ‘minature golf’….


We headed east towards Cultus  Lake and a place called Tap-ins..a real golf course..not your usual ‘minature golf’…this one, according to the website is made for golfers, and is a minature golf course on steroids!!

It had real putting greens and sand/ water traps..


a fun way to spend a few hours..we didn’t do too badly for our first round…it was a par 70 and we all managed to ‘keep the scores’ under 100…


It was really warm outside and we spent some time trying to find the shade as we walked the course..



It was actually fun to try our hand at this new idea of trying to get a ball in a little hole…we may have to explore this new found interest a bit more..


We were very grateful for  the airconditioning in the truck as we headed to our next stop…LUNCH!

The suggestion was to try Brodeur’s Bistro in Abbotsford..


and it most certainly did not disappoint…the food was exceptional…we will  come back here again!!

Carlie , Adam and I all had a chicken burger…


and Doug enjoyed his Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich..


..after lunch we made a quick stop at Fraserway RV in search of new elastic cord for our reclining lounge chairs..both are in need of repairing..…We of course wandered through a few of the trailers that were in the showroom…not finding that perfect one just yet!! we aren’t looking..just window shopping..

‘four rounds of golf and two club rentals.. $56

Lunch for four…$95

Time well spent with our daughter and her boyfriend?


..We dropped Carlie and Adam off  and  then we had a few more stops to make..Michaels, Wholesale Sports, Rona, Safeway and the Liquour Store…we did  manage to get everything we needed..from yarn, needles and a picture frame  for Dianne and  some glue to repair Doug’s float tube..yes it sprang a leak…hopefully this will work otherwise we will have to order one new pontoon…

This evening we are going to Adam’s parents for dinner…so as I type this Doug is having a short nap…we will be heading out in about an hour…Time for the parents to meet?

We had a lovely dinner with John and Leslie….it was great to meet them face to face and we  enjoyed getting to know them..

thanks for the was nice to be  made to feel so welcome in your home…

June 6..

As our mini vacation comes to an end today..we have two doctor’s appointments this morning..pick up Tucker at daycare and it will be time to head back…nice to have a break from the park..but it’s time to head home!!

We checked out of the hotel just before 9:00..traffic was light considering it was the end of rush hour heading out of Langley…

since we made such good time Doug had time to wash the bugs off the truck..


We had doctor appointments  this morning..mine was first at 10:00 am and I managed to get in early…quite the pleasant surprise…

Next stop was Doug’s appointment and he was also lucky enough to get in an hour early…

With prescriptions in hand we headed to the local Walmart to have them filled…

Today was going so well, we were way ahead of schedule..there was even time to go the ‘mall’…we wandered around for a while and then had ‘sushi’ for lunch..


Our final stop before we could head back home was to pick up Tucker from daycare..all nicely groomed  he was ready to have a ‘nap’…it’s difficult being such a ‘social butterfly’..exhausting I am’s going to be a quiet ride!!


We headed back over the Port Mann Bridge just before more toll charge…that makes four times in three days..


It was uneventful drive ..we only made a few  stops…one in Hope for coffee and a bathroom break..



and then at the rest stop in Merritt…


One more quick stop at the Logan Lake Post Office…


more mail…this time it was from Keremeos…nothing too exciting..notice of assessment, pension statements and  couple of bills…

another 15 kms..and we were ‘home’…


The kitty was happy we were home…even though he didn’t spend that much time alone thanks to Dianne..

one quick load of laundry done..and a dinner of scrambled eggs and toast and we are both in our respective chairs watching the hockey game…Go Penguins!!!…

There is indeed, no ‘place like home’…


  1. Busy time but so much fun. Especially for Tuck. Now back to the grind.

  2. You two are on the go all of the time!! I love B.C. and wish we could re-visit someday...Great times with family cannot be beat!

  3. Everyone needs a break from the norm once in a while and it seems that you all accomplished that. Visiting with family is always high on the list. We're sure even Tucker appreciated being back home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Happy Birthdays, Sue & Doug!! So glad you had a few days back HOME, seeing Carlie, meeting Adam's parents (sounds serious!), shopping and I bet Tucker smells so clean now! :)

  5. PS We are so jazzed the San Jose Sharks have made it this far in the Stanley Cup!! Whoohoo!! :)

  6. Working hard, but finding room to play also. A happy is good!

  7. That was a busy visit to the west coast. I bet it felt good to return to the peace, quiet and seclusion at your campground.


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