Friday, June 17, 2016

Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?

June 13-17, 2016

Monday morning we were up at our usual time..We had a ‘shopping plan’ in place..or rather a list ready to go..

Doug went and cleaned the bathrooms for me while I tidied up and got ready to go..

We were on our way just before 9:00 am..and in Kamloops 45 minutes later…

Our stops included

  • dollar store
  • walmart
  • andrew sheret
  • home depot
  • cobs
  • staples
  • canadian tire
  • costco


The plan came together and we got everything on our list and were heading back to the park by 1230..


Our work day began later than normal but the campground is not too busy …cleaned a couple of sites..mowed…bathrooms again..collecting…dug out a few fire pits and buried them a bit deeper so the campers can’t move them..

It was a very windy afternoon…



We were back at the trailer by 5..made some dinner and we went over to visit Steve and Dianne for a bit….one quick check over at new camper but he was in bed already..we will get his money in the morning..

June 14

Today is the last day for the discounted senior rate…some  of the seniors will be vacating their campsites and head on will be double the price tomorrow..but the discounted rate will return again after Labour Day..


Our two little campgrounds are fairly empty so we busied ourselves with ‘digging in the firepits’ seems that here at this park the campers take it upon themselves to move the pit if it is not in the ‘perfect spot’..


some of the fire rings are well used and the bottom crossbars are burnt right off..


Doug found this large boulder as were digging..I told him it was our ‘gold’!! but he tossed it away!!


there you have the completed job..nicely buried in the hole and hopefully the campers won’t move it again..

There are a lot of memorial benches in the park..a new one was put in over the weekend…

It has a lovely view of Tunkwa Lake..



One of the great things about this job is the wonderful people you meet..this is Mr and Mrs Cronk..


They gave us our first ‘gift’of the season.…two hot dog/ marshmallow sticks handmade by Mr Cronk..the metal is from old park signs..


The male is for hot dogs and the female is for marshmallows..enlarge the picture and you will see what I mean..

What a thoughtful gift!! thank you so much!!

Dinner tonight was one of Doug’s favorties…Ribs and Greek salad..


June 15..

We are keeping busy…today was mowing, weed-wacking, site cleaning and painting out houses..


if everyday seems the same to you imagine how it is for us..we do like to ‘mix things up’ just to give us something different to do each day…so we added the painting…amazing how a fresh coat of paint freshens up those ‘beautiful bathrooms’..


While Doug was mowing he ran over a mole? I thought he was Doug nudged him with the shovel and he tottled off…probably wondering what the heck happened?


The weather was a mixed bag today..from wind and sun to rain and hail…it seemed to change every five minutes..


June 16..

It was cold this morning when I got up at 5…-3.8 celcius outside and only 9 celcius inside the trailer..needless to say I turned the furnace on and went back to bed till it warmed up!!

The Canada geese were ‘commuting’ this morning?


Our day was filled with painting, mowing and collecting..the sites are slowly filling up..we have some large groups here through the weekend…

a fly fishing group from Bend, Oregon..this is just the beginning of the arrivals..most are going to stay at least nine days…there will be 13 rigs and 19 people just in this group..


and a ATV group from North Vancouver, the Bishops are in charge of this collection of rigs, but I have yet to get a  photo of their group..they will be here for ten days as well..

June 17..

When we worked on the coast we spent a fair part of our day commuting to our ‘jobs’…now of course we live where we work so the commute is minimal…

the only traffic we usually see is the ‘animals’..and the campers coming and going..


The other morning Doug spotted a doe with two fawns..but of course he had no camera with him..

but today we spotted this deer, not too sure if she is the same one?


tonight as I finish this post..another weekend is upon us…

Father’s Day Weekend 2016…I want to wish my Dad, my husband, my brother and brother-in-laws all a very happy Father’s Day…

Any man can be a Father but it takes a special one to be a DAD….


  1. Nice days. I had to laugh. The store run is,the same in the US, except for Canadian Tire.

  2. Nice that you can change it up once in awhile. You are going to have the campground in perfect condition. Hope the weather settles into normal mode soon.

  3. Meeting nice folks is really a great part of the RV adventure:)

  4. Looks like you two are busy as bees...I would like change too...and paint can really freshen up the look of anything!!

  5. Interesting sticks, what a wild imagination to come up with something like that! :cD

  6. That cold snap came as far south as Oregon, but our furnace decided it WASN'T going to turn on! It was about 6 C outside. Thank goodness that weather moved elsewhere! Changing things up is always nice, takes the boredom out! Meeting nice people is the best part of an RV Adventure! Happy Trails, Kathy


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