Sunday, August 28, 2016

A day in the life..or has it been a week?

August 23-28, 2016

The life of a Park Operator involves many jobs..

  • cleaning bathrooms
  • garbage pick up
  • collecting park fees
  • selling firewood
  • cleaning sites
  • mowing and weedwacking
  • painting and other maintenance work
  • making sure the campers are ‘happy’..


..our days are full and most days run into the evening as well..

One of the other time consuming jobs we have to complete is the ‘recycling’…Doug has built a new sorting table to make this job much easier..

There is a bag for beer cans, tetra packs, water bottles, pop cans, and large plastic containers…we put the glass bottles on the table in boxes..



There are also the trips to Kamloops to get supplies for the park and of course do our own grocery shopping and to drop off the recycling at the Bottle return Depot…


No wonder the days fly by!!…we are so thankful  to have Hugh, Brian and Barb who  volunteer here for the season..they are a huge  help with the garbage pick up, site cleaning and mowing…among other duties…this park wouldn’t be what is without their help…


..We are still using our ‘mouse swimming pool’..seems to have solved the ‘rodent in the trailer’ problem, at least for now..


There have been a few ‘swimmers’ over the past few weeks..


One of the campers were kind enough to give us an anniversary gift…flowers, champagne and orange juice and a lovely card..


and then there was a trip to the post office and another card from Brenda and Ken and a ‘gift card for Tim Hortons’ nice to be remembered…


We are, indeed learning that you ‘can’t please everyone’..there are some who just like to ‘be difficult’…most of the time it has to do with the collecting of the camp fees, but I would say 99% of the campers are very co-operative with regards to adhering to the BC Parks rules/regulations..


We had a camper arrive the other night with an awesome 4WD rig..the Earth Roamer..


They have a blog as

be sure to visit their blog..looks like it is an interesting read for those ‘armchair travellers’!!


so there you have my recap of the last few days…the

end for now..



  1. Hasn't the summer gone fast? I think it's because we didn't really have any summer like "normal" and now it's over. I am happy to not have had the fires like last summer though. We are done on September 18 and out of the park on the 26th..Then we get to put the shoe on the other foot, and begin our winter adventure.

  2. You've had a busy summer! Hard to believe it is the end of August already! And some kind, considerate campers as nice!
    Glad your "mouse trap" has been working!
    See you soon!

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about your workamping experience. Glad Micky's pool has been working for you.
    See you soon!

  4. Sounds like you two have been busy..Doug, Roger says save some of that energy for February. The Dodge is really dirty!!! Hahaha! Anxious to see you guys again. And Roxy says she misses Tucker. Po, not so much. ;-)

  5. Yep, your life sounds much the same as ours. Life during the summer revolves around the campground. :-)

    Doesn't it feel nice when you know you are appreciated! It is always nice to know that the good people out number the bad.

  6. That does sound like a lot of work. I guess you are never bored:)

  7. Kudos to Doug for an efficient looking recycling center!
    A Belated Happy Anniversary!
    I am glad the very unique "mouse swimming pool" had kept the rascals out of the trailer!
    Yes,Sue, you can please most of the people most of the time, but some just have to be p.i.t.a.'s! I hope you enjoyed the summer!


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