Saturday, August 6, 2016

Where have we been?

July 16-August 6, 2016

July 16-18..

At the end of my last post..the topic was a mouse in the trailer…since then we have had two dead mice in the trap located in the furnace compartment…

We have placed a bar of Irish spring under the shower stall in the hopes that this will deter the ‘rodents’…Doug also built a ‘mouse trap’ for outside…

  • one bucket filled with water
  • an empty water bottle smeared with peanut butter
  • a dowel to suspend the bottle over the ‘swimming pool’..
  • and a ramp to help the mice into the ‘pool’..

This trap has caught eight mice in two days…better that they are outside rather than inside the trailer..

Some would say, ‘but they have a cat’..well the kitty lets us know when there is a mouse in the vicinity…but would he actually catch one and kill it?..not too sure about that…so we use the good old fashioned mouse trap and the ‘swimming pool trap’…one can only hope that this will alleviate the ‘mouse issue’..

July 19..

Two in the ‘pool’ in the trailer..

As we sit here at 3800 feet we are still waiting for summer to arrive?…oh where are you ‘heat wave?’..we are still wearing jeans and our fleece jackets..sure there has been days where shorts are the attire but not too often..


I know that soon we will be saying..’geeze it’s hot outside’ but for now it would be nice to have some warm sunshine..

July 20..August 6, 2016

It has been three weeks since I opened the Live Writer program…We have been busy working…the days are long..the campers are great.. we are busy finding our way as the camping season progresses..


Carlie and Adam came for  a surprise two night visit over the 013August Long weekend…so nice to see the two of was a good distraction for us..the food was delicious and the company was even better…they were both such a  big help..


Carlie helped me with the paper work in the evening..Adam helped Doug build the recycling table and he split some firewood as well…and of course, Fletcher came along and he kept Tucker busy!!


A deer crossing early in the morning..bringing with her two fawns..


the weeds are still winning the war…Doug and I pulled a pickup truck load of weeds from one campsite..


there was no before picture but Doug took one after we were done..


so as another Sunday is upon us tomorrow…the park is fairly quiet this weekend but everyone is behaving so that is a good thing…


one last Saturday night sunset…


..onwards to another week…stay tuned for more from Tunkwa…


  1. I like you idea of catching the mice on the outside before they get inside. Could you post a picture of your trap?

    1. On the next post I will share a picture of our 'swimming pool'..thanks for reading along

  2. I'm with Jan. Catching the mice outside is the way to go. Summer is coming to a close and school will be starting before too long. How long will you be there?

    1. We are here till Mid-October...this park has a long season and since we are the only paid employees we stay until then..after the summer fishing rush..the 'hunters' start rolling in...

  3. Welcome to our world of Micky and friends. Maybe it's time to stop feeding Po. 😜

    1. like we would ever stop feeding PO...don't think that would help alleviate the 'mouse issue'..we haven't had any inside since those first few, so we are happy about that..

  4. Never thought about the swimming pool mouse trap before but that's a great idea. We use Victor Rodent Repellents inside our trailer and they work great. We've actually witnessed rodents stop short of our trailer then head in the opposite direction. They need to be plugged into a 120 wall unit and emit at sound that repels the rodents but doesn't bother pets.
    Glad to see you are not having all work and no play.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I wish we could send you guys some of our hot weather!! Heat plus humidity equal miserable!!
    Glad you are winning the war with the mice!!

  6. Enjoy the cool! We traveled all the way to north MN to get some cool and found very little anywhere.

  7. It is still darn hot down here, and I am weary of it!! Fall is my favorite season and we look forward to that. You and Doug are far too busy!!!You need some down time!


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