Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feels like ‘Fall’?

August 29-September 15, 2016

We are now on the downhill side of the 2016 season here at has been more than two weeks since my last ‘recap’..


Steve and Dianne arrived just before the beginning of the Labour Day weekend..they are staying at North Leighton for 10 days…sure hope we have some time to visit?



as usual the days just run together…


Doug managed to take a few hours off and go for a quad ride with Steve..


029 and water…



and a great view from Greenstone Mountain..



thanks for a great ride, Steve!! back to reality..



a gift from one of the ‘long term campers’..thanks Karen and Denny..



the ten days that the Colibaba’s were here went by so quickly..seemed like they just got here and it was time for them to go….see you next year!! Enjoy your winter  adventures!!


We had an emergency that involved a 911 ambulance and a helicopter landing in the park..

A camper had collapsed and was in need of some medical assistance..


..there was a memorial fishing was well attended and a resounding success..nice to see the smiling faces of the young fishermen!!


..The free range cattle have been ‘busy’ eating there way through the grasslands outside of the cattleguards that surround the park..


this one may be seen at a ‘grocery store’ near you?


..sorry #95..

the sunsets have been amazing the last few days..


and the blue skies and sunshine have been plentiful..


we have had cooler temperatures in the early morning hours..and with that there was frost on the grass and mist on the lakes..


tonight there was a full moon..


and with that comes the thoughts that this time next month we will be heading out..the wheels will be rolling..



  1. Yes, fall is here at least in our neck of the woods!

  2. We're feeling the cool down as well but the weather guessers are still showing a few days we'll be turning the AC back on.
    Will you spend the winter the same as last year or will you be trekking south as well?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Gosh it seems like a long season, we haven't left the island since we got home last Mar. It's nice that the campers appreciate the hard work you do.

  4. Nice recap, Sue. Yes, the ten days we were there just flew by but it was nice to see you both one last time as 'summer' comes to an end.

  5. Glad your season is also starting to settle down and that you can have a bit more of a breather. It will be about one more week for us. We are hoping to head out next Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather and that we can get everything closed up by then.

    I see you have some nice long term campers that give you wine as a gift, we were also lucky enough to have a couple like that too.

    Sure hope that medical emergency turned out all right and they were in good health now. That would be scary. We have an AED here and luckily have never had to use it.

    You have such a beautiful campground and wonderful scenery around you. Love your sunset photos. :-)

  6. You two kids are sure having a great time...Isn't it soooo neat to haul your house around the country?? I can only wish, but I think I would love it!


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