Monday, January 25, 2016

our Winter continues...

December 31, 2015-January 24, 2016

This is my first post of 2016..It's a wonder that I still know how to put a post together?
I, of course had no intention of avoiding this task for such a long time, nor do I have any intention of boring you with our 'daily shenanigans' for the past 25 days... I did make use of my Ipad over these past three plus weeks..every night I would make notes on what the temperature was and what transpired through the day..

I just finished reading all the entries..jeez..amazing what one forgets..good thing I wrote it all down..

So where does one begin after this long..
 Haynes Point in the winter..picture perfect!!

 our friends, Barb and Russ headed south for the balance of the winter..they are basking in the sunshine in Palm Springs ...
..the weather has since improved longer are we dealing with -13..
..the white stuff is but a distant memory..
..the green grass is showing again..and the thermometer is above least for now..
We did have some technical difficulties this past month, I posted before, our furnace gave us some issues..the 'sail switch' needed replacing and then this past week the 'mother board' gave up..
that was hard 'pill' to swallow..the bank account is slowly recovering..
..also the electrical switch on the hot water tank also decided it would give us some grief too..that was an inexpensive fix at least..
..thank goodness for the local mobile repair guy..we sure hope we don't have to see him again this season..

Now as we are sitting idle..just living our life..being responsible adults..we also have some time to peruse the internet....

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Just to name a few 'time suckers'...and time 'suckers' they are..have you ever been 'sucked into You-Tube?...
Watching mindless cat videos and before you know it, it leads you down a path and you have no idea how you got there?

Well, this happens all too often and most times, I can just click exit and be done but one night about a week ago, I got 'pulled into the vortex'...I somehow came upon a RVing fulltimers....the word 'refreshing' came to mind when I started watching all their videos..they are young and enthusiastic about the adventure of RVing. They use the social media platform to it's full potential.
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..Nice to see young people making the full time life work for them too..It's not just for 'retired folk if you have some them some 'blogging love' like I know you all can..
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