Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Older and wiser?

May 26-31, 2016

Last year when we worked at Monck Park I was not very diligent about keeping up with my blog posts..so this season I am bound and determined to keep up to date..

Sure, our life here at Tunkwa is not all that exciting but we are busy working hard…be it, bathrooms, weeding, mowing, cleaning sites, or what ever else needs to be done..


Today was just another work day…we have some more ‘ high school people’ here..they joined the group that has been here for a while…hard to believe it has been 39 years since we graduated from school…seems like only a few years ago..and now we talk about retirement plans…when did we get that old?

The weather was a huge factor today…we had black clouds, rain, wind, hail, thunder and even sideways rain!…


One can only hope that the weather will improve for the weekend but the forecast doesn’t look that promising..

Steve and Dianne arrive tomorrow!..hope they have a safe drive from Fort Langley..Tucker will be happy his ‘cookie auntie’ will be here!!

May 27..

It was a wet soggy day again…waves of rain and dark clouds hovered over the park..


We spent the day doing our usual duties but today we added splitting firewood to our list..


The Colibabas arrived about 2 pm… so nice to see them again..


They are settled into one of the long-term sites so we will have lots of time to visit..

May 28…

Clouds with some patches of blue sky this morning..but it was a bit chilly when we got up..a balmy  0 celcius..

It was a slow start to our work day..Doug spent the morning splitting wood  while I went and did the bathrooms..

Tucker got to go for a walk with Dianne..first one in a long time…he was so happy to see his ‘favorite Auntie’..

We were invited over to Steve and Dianne’s for dinner tonight so when we had a break this afternoon I made our contribution to dinner..my ‘famous’ or rather ‘infamous’  coffee cake.. I did have an issue with the foil pan I used though..it sprang a leak before the cake went  in the oven..made a huge mess!!

Dianne prepared a lovely dinner of chicken, baked potatoes and salad..so great to  spend some quality time together and catch up on all the ‘goings on’ with our lives…


..you know of course wine was included!! ..first time in a couple months since I had a glass of wine… Our bottle of ‘Church and State’ was consumed…yes it says ‘I don’t give a ‘sh*t’….


…the sunset was picture worthy!


..and even a rainbow..


..a perfect end to our Saturday night..

May 29..

Yet another ‘tail-light Sunday’ is upon us..

There wasn’t too many campers that left today..we were responsible for the vacated sites in North Leighton..

according to BC Parks check out time is 11:00 am but that ‘small rule’ is not really enforced here…there is always one more ‘fish to catch’…so the campers leave when they are ready…

The weather was yet another ‘bust’…waves of rain that went on all day….we had a few breaks in the downpours, just enough to get our jobs done  and now that the weekend is over the sky is blue and filled with puffy clouds..

I also missed the opportunity to capture a photo of 7 goslings on the shore of Leighton Lake..no camera?..going to have to make sure to bring it with me all the time..

I managed to get two loads of laundry done and defrost the ‘fins on the fridge’ in between our park chores..

and tonight we are cozy inside watching television..just another Sunday night at our ‘house’..

May 30..

Monday morning the temperature inside the trailer was 6 celcius and –2 outside..needless to say Doug fired up the furnace..the little heater wasn’t warming up quite quick enough!


Dave and Sherry had plans to go into Kamloops this morning..but he had a couple of meetings this morning before they could head out…so that left Doug, Hugh and myself ‘holding down the ‘fort’…

We continued with our usual jobs today..the park is fairly quiet so the bathrooms were actually pretty clean..

Doug was busy mowing and weed-wacking over at the Day Use area..

I had some time to capture the ‘goslings’ this morning on my bathroom route..

Here, I thought there was only seven babies?


…too many to count..love all the ‘golden bums’..



There was a few sites in each of the campgrounds to clean so I kept myself busy with that chore this afternoon, while Doug and Hugh were mowing at Leighton Lake Campground..


The ‘Big Sky over the Montana’..


yes, this rig is familar!! Steve and Dianne’s home on wheels parked in one of the ‘long term sites’…

May 31..

The last day of May is upon us…hard to believe a month has gone by already…


the hummingbirds are busy ‘eating’…I seem to spend a fair bit of time making new ‘food’ for the busy little ones!


the cabins on the shore of Leighton Lake make for  nice mirror image…

and a kayaker out for a paddle..what a great way to spend a quiet morning…a bit of solitude time for our fellow park worker, Sherry..



some of the ‘goslins’ were out swimming with their Momma..


Doug was busy with ‘weed-wacking’ over at North Leighton..


while Hugh did the mowing with the ‘zero turn’…


I had my ‘tools’ along for the ride today as well..bathrooms and a few sites to clean..


nice view from the ‘day use’..


there was time today for making banana bread..


..doing some laundry and giving the trailer a good vacumming…

Doug was given some ‘new orders’..Go Fishing!!


so there you have the last five days in a ‘nutshell’…we are both older and wiser as the month of May comes to an end..lots of things to learn…there are some ‘big shoes to fill’..sure hope we are up for the challenge!

Here’s hoping June will bring sunshine, lots of campers and successful fishing!!

Thank you for reading along with us…stay tuned for more next month!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Peace and Quiet?

May 24-25, 2016

After the mass exit of all the long weekend campers, we are now enjoying some ‘peace and quiet’..with a minimal amount of campers there is time for ‘clean up’ and table repairs…


And of course now that the weekend is over the sun also showed up!..at least for a while today..we did have a short hail storm but as per usual it didn’t last too long..

Today is also my birthday…just another year older but not any wiser?


…picked up some mail in town and low and behold there were two heartfelt birthday cards..one from my parents and the other from my sister..what a lovely surprise!!

We had BBQ’d ribs and greek salad for dinner.


and vanilla ice cream with strawberries and butterscotch sauce for dessert..


..so as the sun sets on another day in ‘paradise’..another year done..onwards to the next..


May 25..

On this day 60 years ago..my parents were married….what a fine testament to the idea of staying ‘together’..13265967_1301557303191065_6563456833887776767_n179117_10150978714710896_986635109_n


so very thankful they were ‘born at time when if something is broken you fix it..not throw it away’..they are indeed a true inspiration to all of us..

..Today was also a day off from our park duties..time for  quick road trip…


..it has been six days since we left the confines of the park..I will be the first to admit that I was feeling a bit anxious as we drove down the highway, travelling at the posted speed limit of 100 kph….why you ask?..it felt so ‘fast’..after a week of driving around the park at a speed of barely 30 kph….the speed and the cars and trucks were giving me anxiety..I know there is no vehicles in any of the pictures, but trust me, there was traffic!!


We stopped at a small campsite along the route..Steelhead Provincial Park on the shore of Kamloops Lake..


Our actual destination was the small town  about 65 kilometers away..


Welcome to Cache Creek..


..about another kilometer along Highway 97 ..our lunch stop..

Horsting’s Farm..


..a pretty farm that sells flowers, plants, hanging baskets..homemade jams, preserves, and delicious sandwiches and soup…



They have a lovely outdoor patio with a great view..



It was here that we sat at one of the large picnic tables and enjoyed our shared bowl of soup and the two sandwiches we ordered..



one sandwich would have been more than enough to share..we were so full…

Where’s mine Momma?


We did purchase some salt water taffy, a rhubarb strawberry pie to share with our co-workers and some potato buns before we left..would have loved to purchase a hanging basket or even a trinket or two..but I controlled myself..

Hopefully we will be able to go back again before the end of the season..


On our drive back towards Tunkwa, we made a quick stop at Juniper Beach Provincial Park..


It is located on the shore of the Thompson River.. a small park with about 45 sites..





..so as our one day off comes to an end ..we head back to the park..onwards to another work week..hopefully it will be a sunny one!!…stay tuned till next time…


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