Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer is flying by…

July 1-15, 2016

Canada Day weekend is but a distant memory…those last three days just ‘flew by’..


The park was a ‘sea of red and white’..


lots of campers showing their Canadian Pride..


Hugh had purchased a bucket of Canadian flags to hand out to all the campers…nice patriotic touch!!


The Tunkwa side of the park was ‘busy’ but not full of the large groups that are normally here..we only had a few empty sites…

…Leighton side was a ‘ghost town’ so at least Doug was able to help me with the collecting and finding our ‘bearings’…a bit overwhelming in the beginning but we found the best way to deal with all the collecting was to just ‘deal with one camper at a time’…

speaking of the campers..we had a visit from Ken and Julie  Thompson..campers from last two seasons at Monck nice to see their smiling faces again!!!


They had come by to visit Julie’s parents who were camping here at the park and of course, knew that we were here as well..they even stopped by to see Steve and Dianne, too!!


We even had a few minutes to take Tucker for a swim on Saturday..



By the time Sunday came..we had a mass exodus …it was all hands on deck and sites were all cleaned by the end of the afternoon…kudos to everyone!! ‘Many hands make light work’!!

Tucker is happy ‘Auntie Dianne and Uncle Steve’ are still here…he get’s lots of walks in..


July 4th…

first off Happy 4th of July to all our American readers!!

Doug is heading into Kamloops this morning…he has a few errands to get done so that leaves me with the ‘morning duties’…



I spent the first few hours of the day cleaning the bathrooms and a bit of collecting…

Doug returned just before lunch time..groceries put away ..we had lunch and then headed out together to clean a few sites..

Doug repaired some the clips on the tables as we went around the park…more collecting and a visit with Steve and Dianne…

That pretty much sums up our day…the park is pretty empty and the clouds have rolled in along with a bit of wind..just another Monday…

July 5…

More rain this morning…Two truck loads of garbage to the local transfer station  …the trucks and gas cans will get filled with fuel in Logan Lake..

I cleaned all the bathrooms this morning and then had to make a trip into Logan Lake as well…a  quick stop at the local Bargain Shop..the bank..and the gas station..

This afternoon we continued with our ‘replace the broken clip’ project and by 3 pm the rain was coming down again so we headed home and tackled some the paper work that needed doing..

We were invited to Steve and Dianne’s for dinner tonight..a  delicious pork tenderloin, salad and roasted red cream for dessert…

Doug went out on his own and did the evening collecting…too bad we had another dump of rain while he was doing the rounds….I was warm and cozy inside the Colibaba’s trailer visiting..sorry, dear!!

July 6-9..

The last three days are just a blurr…the usual duties filled the hours and now here it is Saturday afternoon and the park is quiet..we only have a few campers in Tunkwa and Leighton is bit busier ..…there was a rain this morning and the weather didn’t look too promising..but now the sky is blue and the rain has  stopped…sure seems that if the weather is not desirable?..wait five minutes and it will change..

The wild ‘flowers’ are blooming….


..the road heading out of the day use is lined with yellow ‘flowers’…


Steve and Dianne took Tucker for a walk to the ‘bench’ on the hill..good thing Dianne wears a bright pink top…easy to spot!!


Tucker is sure going to miss the ‘daily walks’…


..those will be ending on Monday..time for the Colibaba wheels to be rolling again…hard to believe how fast the time has gone..

They were kind enough to give us a ‘gift card’ for Montana’s to say thank you for all the ‘ campground service’ we provided..what a nice surprise and most certainly not necessary..


We will be sure to use it in the Fall…once our work camping is complete…

July 10-11..

I have said it before and will say it of the best things about this lifestyle is the people you meet along the way..but one of the hardest things is ‘saying so long’…

We had our ‘last supper’ together on Sunday night..burgers on the grill and salad…

This morning it was time for Steve and Dianne to  leave..six weeks sure went quickly…


with hugs and ‘see you next times’…they were ‘rolling’ #50 is now vacant…


We worked most the day but took some time this afternoon to take Tucker for  a walk…He led the way down the familar path..


yes..we hiked up to the ‘bench’…



great views from this vantage point…we can see the whole campground from here…


within an hour we were back at the trailer..time to go back to work…


July 12..

another morning trip to Kamloops…we had a quite a few stops to make on this trip..most were for ‘park business’

  • Peavey’s
  • Praire Coast
  • Home Hardware
  • Brandywine office
  • Ferguson’s
  • Canadian Tire

and then finally we went to Walmart and Costco for our groceries..

all those stops and we were  home by 1:00..…back in our uniforms and out in the park working again by 2:00…all in a ‘day’s work’…


July 13…another one of those days where we had a mixed bag of weather..just the usual stuff…bathrooms, collecting, weeding..we came home in the afternoon for a while…there was housework and dinner planning to do..

Doug took Tucker for  a walk while I did the ‘chores’…it seems to be Golden Retriever week at the park….there are six  golden retrievers camping in the park this evening…and one of them is named ‘Tucker’…what are the chances? ..there is a Max, Sadie, Tucker, Teak, Aspen and Cobie..

July 14-15..

Well if the last couple days were a post of it’s would read..

‘We have a mouse in the house!’

Yes, this morning I woke to the house in a ‘mess’ seems we have a little gray mouse who was hiding out…One would think that the cat would be a good mouser?..NOT..he stood guard for a while and then lost interest…somehow the mouse wound up behind the dog bed..with the dog on the bed…

Doug finally got  him..but not before the little rodent was hiding in the back of my chair..we tipped the chair..banged on it and finally Doug had him him trapped in a box and took him outside..the plan was to drown him in the water bucket but he managed to escape…


We set a couple of traps and this morning we had success…one dead mouse in the trap…Lord only knows how the mouse is getting inside but it seems that Dave and Sherry had a ‘visitor as well’…so at least we aren’t alone in this…


The weather also was creating some ‘havoc’..we had a thunderstorm warning for the area…the clouds, wind and rain arrived but no thunderstorm for us..


so there you have the first 15 days of July…thanks for reading along with us…hopefully the next 16 days will be ‘rodent free’!

Monday, July 4, 2016

the life of a Park Operator?

June 18-June 30, 2016


I am trying to keep up with a ‘daily journal’ as we work our way through this camping season..most days seem to be the same..the duties are identical most of the time. the only changes it seems are the weather and the campers..

‘this photo below  is one that was posted on Facebook…no I didn’t take was shared by the Tunkwa Resort..shows how large Tunkwa Provincial park actually is..great view from the sky!!!’


So if I am boring you with our daily rituals, I apologize..I know even myself I re-read what I wrote and ‘my eyes glaze over’ and I think to myself ..’didn’t I just write that?’

workers building a bridge over the stream at North Leighton to move the equipment…the water will be re-routed  while they put in the  ‘pipeline’…and then once they are done..they will put things back the way they were…yes, the Environment people are involved as well..



Saturday …normally this day is one of the quieter ones…the campers are all settled in for the weekend..most have paid in full for the weekend…there are no ‘noisy duties’ to accomplish when the park is full of campers.. in other mowing or weed-wacking….we clean the bathrooms, do a bit of collecting..maybe clean a site or two if someone vacates early..


..Dianne came over and helped me with creating some ‘lists’ on the excel program..these will make things a bit easier to keep track of how many campers are in each site…at least until our ‘photographic memory’ kicks in..

One of the campers from the ATV group brought his ‘handmade canoe’ with him…He had his maiden voyage at Leighton Lake..

quite the feat to build one of these!!…it’s a beauty!!


We were invited to Steve and Dianne’s for dinner tonight…chili, cesar salad, garlic bread and ice cream for dessert..great company and delicious food, as always!!

June 19..

Another tail-light Sunday and Father’s day too…We had a good day doing the usual site cleaning, bathrooms and collecting..

..spotted this ‘very healthy coyote’ this morning on our commute to work..


the view from what some deem to be ‘the best campsite in Leighton/North Leighton… it is located on the shore of the lake with no neighbours other than the birds and it never stays empty for long..


Dave has named this one ‘LLL’ ..also known as ‘lover’s lane leighton’ when someone camps here the code for the site is LLL  on the Mcbee…

The Bishops are out for a canoe ride in their ‘Miss-made’..


another weekend done…tomorrow is the first day of Summer!!

June 20..

Blue skies this morning and we have some ‘busy spiders’ building their webs on the barb-wire fence..


We are heading into Kamloops this morning….we were ready to go by 845…and in Kamloops just before 930..our route through town is pretty much the same everytime we go..but today we had a few different stops to make because we were also doing some ‘park business’..

our list of stops included  the Dollar Store, Rona, Brandywine Office, Cobs,

Lordco, ICS, and Canadian Tire..

We took a break and went for an early lunch at Montana’s..arriving there just when they opened at 11..we enjoyed our ‘sit down’ lunch..Doug had the Firecracker Burger and I had the Smokehouse Chicken Wrap..

Next stop was Walmart and then to Staples…

and then back on the Coquihalla Highway and we headed for last stop was the bank in Logan Lake…we needed some change for our float…

Home just before 1:30 and by 2:00 we were back in our uniforms…time to get some work done..there was a few sites to clean, bathrooms to check  and some collecting to do…

Once our work was done we stopped by Steve and Dianne’s trailer for a visit…one of our stops today was for them…some oil for Steve’s outboard motor…

so there you have our Monday…TV and computer time this evening ...before we know it Tuesday will be here!!

June 21..

another day in the life of a Park Operator..


The goslings are getting bigger every time we see them..


and the ducks and their brood..


just the usual stuff today….we did have a huge rain storm this afternoon only lasted about an hour and then the sun and wind came back..



The Colibaba’s had a visitor from the ‘local gardener’ today..they were out for a quad ride so Doug made a visit with the ‘weed-wacker’ and we even managed to get Hugh to mow around the edge of their site…sometimes it’s not ‘what you know but who you know?’…


The new horse corral that is being built on the Tunkwa side of the park is slowly coming together…Dave, Brian and Barb have been working hard putting all the posts and rails in..


…soon we will have ‘horse camper’s here as well as over at Leighton where there is  already an  area for campers with horses..




June 22..

Today I finally managed to get the last ‘bathroom’ painted at Leighton/North Leighton..


You may not be able to tell the difference but we sure can…

this is before…


and after..


This painting job will begin again when we begin working over at Tunkwa starting on July 1, 2016..there is 8 sets of two bathrooms over on the Tunkwa side…but we have already done a few of them…

Doug spent the day weed-wacking and blowing both sides of the  road that heads from Leighton back to Tunkwa..1.8 kilometers to do..and he is about half way…


Just another work day for us…we stopped by the Colibaba’s for a quick visit, delivering their filled water jugs for them…they were kind enough to take Tucker for a walk nice to have our own personal dog walkers!!

June 23..

Today for some bizarre reason was a quiet day..bathrooms, a bit of mowing, raking and some collecting…

I went into the town of Logan Lake this afternoon to get a few groceries, check to see if we had any mail and stop at the drug store to get copies made of our Excel campground lists that Dianne made for us…

I also did a load of laundry and made two loaves of banana bread..

There were no pictures taken during the day but tonight when we were on one of our last drives back from Leighton and Doug spotted this little guy hiding in the grass on the side of the road



some final photos of the new ‘horse corral’ camping area at Tunkwa…the tables and the fire pit have now been all we need is some ‘horse campers’..004005

June 24..

another Friday..another weekend is here..the park is slowly filling up…we have some large groups again but everyone is least it seems that way to  us…


yes, we are located about 1.8 kilometers from the campgrounds we are looking after for now…so if it’s noisy and there is  any issues Doug will find out in the morning..

I spotted this little bird on a sign when we were out collecting this afternoon..he is disobeying the sign?


We had a mixed bag of weather again today..but just before sunset the rain stoppped..hopefully the weatherman will be correct for tomorrow and the sun will come out!!!


June 25..

We seem to have a pattern here…the past few Saturdays have been quiet on the ‘work front’…Two rounds of cleaning bathrooms, one site cleaned and a bit of collecting..we spent a few hours at home in between the ‘work’…

I traced a hand drawn map of Tunkwa campground..marking all the sites and their locations in the park…by this time next week this area  will also be our responsibility along with Leighton/North Leighton..

Yikes!..sure hope we are up to the ‘challenge’…

Once we start working here on a regular basis we will see how accurate my map is..


June 26…

Another tail-light Sunday…sunny and warm this need for a jacket..first time in a while..

lots of boats on Tunkwa Lake..


We had a few sites to clean..two of the three big groups left this afternoon…the hill over at  North Leighton seems so empty now..but we know it will be full again before long..

June 27..

Sitting here at almost 3800 feet we seem to have our own ‘weather’..tonight it seemed the view was different depending on which window you looked out of..

this was from the trailer door..



and then out the side windows..



We had thunder and lightning for about an hour or so ..and then it was gone as quick as it rolled in..


at the end of today Doug did have an incident with a camper’s dog…a bite to the leg…poor old dog was startled when Doug  went into the campsite for the third time that day..He woke her from her afternoon nap and this is what she did to the back of his knee..




June 28..

We had to make an ‘emergency run’ to Kamloops this morning …only the remmants of one box of toilet paper left for the bathrooms..Long weekend will be here in a few days and it would be a ‘disaster’ if we ran out..

We were back home just after 11:00 and put our groceries away and then carried on with the work day…I had done the bathrooms early this morning before we left ….the park is not too busy as yet..only a few campers occupying sites for today anyway..

Doug had some mowing to do over at the Day Use area so he took the truck so that left me without a ‘park vehicle so I decided  to get some paper work done..


Once he returns it will be time to check the bathrooms again, do some site cleaning and collecting the camp fees..all in a day’s work..

June 29..

The big excitement today was a ‘forest fire’ on the hill above North Leighton..reported by one of the campers at about 130..


before to long it began to get bigger as we stood and watched the flames shoot up..



The fire crews arrived on the scene within about two hours of the first report..


the planes skimmed the surface of Tunkwa Lake..picking up the water and circling around the park and dropping the water on the fire..



the four planes put on quite the ‘air show’ for the campers..within a few hours of the fire beginning things were under control….good thing the wind was blowing the fire away from the park..

June 30..

Well today is the day…the transition time is done and we are officially ‘taking over’…Dave and Sherry are still here at the park for another month and they are available if we have issues we can’t resolve..nice to have their expert opinion..

These are ‘big shoes’ to fill so we just hope we can ‘do this’…we will need ‘lots of luck’…


Aww nuts…

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