Thursday, March 30, 2017

Epic fail~ winter recap…



Here we are more than two and half months since my last post..I had such high expections to carry on with the ‘365’ photos for 2017..well as you can more than likely tell, that was what I ‘epic fail’..

january 23 16602855_10154953178882317_78019221784675522_n

Where have we been?..still parked at Nk’mip RV park..being a true Canadian, we always talk about the weather?


.It has been a cold winter…wind, snow and freezing temperatures have pretty much summed up the weather this year...from what the locals have told us it has been the coldest winter in 20 years..

I have spent a fair bit of time knitting..


and ‘colouring’ form of ‘winter therapy’ keeps me off the computer, at least..


and cooking, of course..

january 2216508045_10154156191420896_3240521382843525412_n


We did visit Nelson, BC in February, staying with our friends, Brenda and Ken for a few days..lots of food, wine and conversation..nothing like a visit with an old friend to make the winter woes disappear..

16939410_10154995931902317_3578750125239858803_n (1) 16806709_10155134759499225_8856593009464670801_n

and then there was a ‘snow storm’ the first week of March..


We have done some dog sitting..yes, Roxy is back!!


but now we are on the downhill side to this winter stay coming to an end…

Time to take the tent one minute and gone the next..

17155581_10154252095650896_5885753816383599187_n 17309090_10154252097000896_4248164502064751203_n

the skirting is off…feeling ‘the breeze’ off the lake..


and the final step was the  stairs going to the storage lot ..

..only a few more days and we will be rolling again…

january 21

..the hibernation is almost complete…


  1. It must have felt like a long winter this year with the weather that Canada has been having. Maybe next year you can head further south and enjoy some nice warmer temperatures.

    Tucker is looking like he can't wait to get back on the road.

  2. This was definitely a rough winter up north. Good to hear from you and know you survived okay. Safe travels.

  3. Glad you survived the long, harsh winter...but "spring has sprung"! Finally! Safe travels!
    See you soon!

  4. We are also coming "out of hibernation" Hope to be heading North in a few weeks. Coloring is like meditation. You concentrate on the here and now. I too did a lot of it this year.

    Happy Trails

  5. Welcome back from Hibernation
    Even in the American Southwest this year they are saying it was the coldest, wettest and windiest they have seen it in thirty years.
    Our first time here but we'll be back which is something you might consider. There are plenty of ways of doing it on a budget.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. You guys have certainly had a cold winter!! I guess I can't complain about our winter in Alabama...ha!!
    So glad you updated us!! I have tried to keep our blog going but it's not easy when you're not moving much. With my last CT scan we might be able to wander a little more.
    Give Tucker a big hug!! Nothing like a Golden!!
    Good to hear from you😀

  7. We haven't had a bad Winter weather wise, but health wise it has been a doozy. Also helping out with our elderly aunt and uncle has been a challenge. I feel like all I do is run in and out of nursing homes and hospitals...and that has lead me to a bout of depression...Hoping to get back on the road this next Winter...Now that we have spent one whole Winter here in Illinois after 10 years of being on the road, I sure know WHY we get outta here!!


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