Tuesday, January 10, 2017

‘Weather’ you like it or not..

Is it time for some ‘brutal honesty’?  This ‘blogging’  has been going on for me since 2008…and my enthusiasm has really gone by the wayside and for the past few months I had honestly thought of ‘hanging it all up’..join the ranks of those that have left ‘blogville’…

Those bloggers who just ‘up and quit’..no sign off ..no send off..just disappeared..be it the writing just stopped or the travelling stopped or in some sad cases..life just stopped for them….could I? should I?

But my ‘chronological thinking’ got the best of me…I will finish out the year 2016..bound and determined not to quit mid year…

january 1

When I first started this ‘scrapbook’ on line I was enthusiastic..writing/ reading/ commenting on all the blogs I followed..but as the days turn into weeks and then into years..the ideas just don’t seem to   flow anymore..our day to day routine just doesn’t seem to be all that interesting, not to me anyway…

So now as a new year is upon us..do I begin again or do I make that decision to ‘go dark’?..and then I got a ‘bright idea’..maybe this  will give me some incentive to continue on with blogging…get the creativity going again?


Now what ‘crazy notion’ would keep the creativity alive and well?..

#captureyour365..yes the ‘picture a day’ is back..it has been 3 years since I last embarked on that ‘crazy journey’..

I am going ‘down that road’ again…trying to keep my blog ‘alive’..


as you can see from my ‘first 10 of January’ it has honestly been ‘all about the weather’..from sunny days to windy, cold snowy ones….the north wind has been relentless..and with that came some -double digit temperatures…our coldest being –16 celsius  and with the wind chill some days it was  a very balmy, -19

from a frozen water filter to a solid ‘dishwater-sicle’ in the sewer hose we are persevering with ‘old man winter’..’you won’t get the best of us’

Weather or not..we know that spring will be here soon..

Thank you for continuing to ‘ride along with us’..I aim to make it an interesting 2017…


Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May 16..fast forward to today, December 3...